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I need to get rid of my dark spots from acne :o(

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I'm at my wits end here. If I can be so bold to say so, I had beautiful skin in my teens and early 20's. I'm 28 and all of a sudden, my skin decided to show it's true colours. I'm getting married at the end of July, and I think the stress of everything has caused my skin to break out severely within the last few months. My sister is an esthetician and has been giving me facial after facial, but nothing seems to be working.

As a result, I have an olive complexion, so even if I don't pick, my pimples leave a dark brown spot. I look like a leopard! I don't know what else to do...I have been putting lemon juice and bought some lightener at the drug mart, but my patience is wearing thin. I've been reading mixed reviews about this meladerm stuff also. I don't want to wear two tons of foundation on my wedding day....I'd like my husband to once again be able to see the face he fell in love with.

Any help would be appreciated.
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How long have you been using the lightener? It takes a few months for any skin lightener to really make a difference. Are you covering your skin with a sunblock?
About 5 weeks or so. And yes, I am very faithful in using sunblock. I have read about microdermabrasion and that looks to be a good start, in addition to the lighteners. I have a little less than a month till the big day, so here's hoping
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Use Kojic ACid . That's my major problem before, but after jsut a few months it's totally gone...YES GONE!. I use it tiill now the Diana Stalder product. Try that and for optimum result i used the whole set and an extra soap for my face(black soap),that's what they call the licorice soap.

Skin spots, or hyper-pigmentation are usually brought on later in life. It's unfortunate that you have them now before your wedding.

Have you tried a product from Diva Deva called Diva Deva Light Ning?
This is a skin lightening serum that with regular use diminishes the appearance of dark spots/age spots & uneven skin tone for a brighter more radiant complexion. It lightens skin tone & stops future production skin darkening. It is currently available in the US on a discount skincare web site.

They also sell an acne control and healing lotion that works well with the Light Ning called Diva Deva ACL that helps dissolve facial oil, exfoliate the skin & moisturise with daily use. It can also reduce & control acne breakouts. Currently ACL is only available in a mini actives kit with 4 other pure actives for ultimate facial skin care.

Both are available here in the US from a online discount spa line skin care product web site. I know that they have recieved great press in the UK about their entire line.
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