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Ice burns on skin....

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Embarrisingly enough, a few months ago I managed to contract genital warts from my girlfriend. A silly thing to have let happen yes, but it happened none the less.

I went to see my doctor about it and he ended up using a freezing teqhnique to remove the warts. Over the months small warts have continued to appear, which is depressing in it's own right, however there is now another issue. Having been to the doctors on a couple of occasions I was annoyed about the waiting time for an appointment in order to deal with this highly embarrassing situation and so have a few times bought my own wart remover based on the freezing technique used by GP's. Now perhaps I've gone overboard a couple of times with the application as there are a couple of areas on the skin of my penis where I have used it which now are light pink in colour where I have clearly burnt the skin a little too much.

I would like to know if this damage (and discolouration) to the skin that I have caused will go away with time? Also, any advice regarding the warts would be greatly appreciated.
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hey I think you should maybe see a different doctor. Because you never know those smaller warts could be some other condition which needs different treatment.
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