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In search of a skin care program that works!!

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Hello All,
My first time here, just happened on this site, looks informative and friendly!!
I have used many skin care programs and am in searchof one that actually works. Ive been reading about Bellaplex, has anyone used it at all, or have feedback?
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Fawnie - It seems like you've tried everything, or at least know about it! You should start your own blog, or do a podcast. You would have quite a following just starting with all of us from this site. You could have special segments on a variety of topics. You would be fantastic - think about it!
HaHa,,thanks mireckca...I just do a lot of looking around on the "Google Machine"....
I COULD be an "Ask Fawnie" though and find the answers for ppl...

Being convalescent with knee surgery has me spending way too much time on the "Interwebs". lol

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I think you're on to something Fawnie -- if you have the info written down --itemizing info could be a nifty little pocketbook.
nope nothing written down....just googling around on the computer...and knowing which sites are bogus!

Hi ya, May be incorrect when say this but I can remember reading article about this ages ago and how the product was not very good and how this women even found a struggle to get her money back after from them after the trial period did not work out!! Think there a bit like Life Cell bit up and down with what is said about them so to speak!!
never heard of the product but i am using HQ 20% and thats the only thing that works great for me and it looks natural. I went from a whoopi goldberg colour to a beyounce in a few months and i only use the cream once weekly for maintenance.
All i can recommend is to be careful of advertisements and endorsements. Most of these are fake reviews
or just have a fawnie 24 hour help line, i reckon you would make a fortune? Until you loose patients with all of our annoying questions that is!
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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