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Indents on skin

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I have indents left from acne and wonder if anyone has tried anything like chemical peels or professional microdermabrasion to smooth out skin with these sort of marks.
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Try a mild AHA product. There are some people that say this product called MaMa lotion works really good. its a combination of Mandelic & Malic Acid (hence the name MaMa).
btw welcome to the site!! I just noticed you been busy posting =)
wow that is a really ugly smiley
lol! starlite, did you introduce yourself at all? Nice myspace!
You got one of my fav tunes playing on there I started dancing as soon as it came on!
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lol no sorry i didnt realize anybody wanted an introduction here! lol and you like it? as soon as i heard it i was like, DANCE!!!

oh and.... HI EVERYONE!
wierd post to put my introduction under. LOL. 'indents on the skin'
hey there starlite!

You have no skin problems from what I saw on your pic. Lucky you!
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How long have you had these skin indents?
What do you mean by indents? Large pores? Sometimes when I get blackheads they leave a small hole in my skin that does eventually go away.
the indents are pretty minor. but i have off and on breakouts, im always changing antibiotics or topical creams or treatments, and usually the flash takes out any marks. but if i ever have any marks in a pic i will photoshop it out. sorry!!! and dont be jealous, seriously lol.
theyre like little dents in the skin left from a zit and when the skin tore, it couldnt heal smoothly.
ah! smart! Its weird, I'm always editing pics and stuff but I never think to take that out...
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