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Hello, I'm Kelly and live in WV. I want learn more about this community, skin care. Especially since I was blessed to learn of glimpse...a new skin nutrition that is Pure, Clean, and Green - No toxins. This product has many people talking such as Misha Hughes, she has a background in Paramedical, Master Aesthetician for 16 years, an others like Pam Valli one of Mary Kays TOP performers! Enough of that...

Back to me, I work full-time as a firefighter as does my husband. My son, like many little boys, loves to visit the firehouse. In addition, when I finished High School, I had already earned my profession as a hairdresser. (Giving me experience in the hair industry)

So, I want to learn more and share even more!

Thank you!
- Kelly
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well, the best thing I can recommend is to check in with Freddy here. that guy knows so much about health and skin care. he is very knowledgable.
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