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Hi everyone,

I'm located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. I'm 54 years old and have sun damage and hyperpigmentation. Not huge amounts, just the kind you'd expect of someone who grew up in my generation, pre sunscreens, and who has fair-medium skin and light blue eyes (dark brown hair). I usually burn first, unless I use lots of sunscreen, in which case I'll go a light brown tan. Lived in a hot, sunny climate for a time as a child and burned routinely and deeply, with much blistering and peeling. I was left with freckles on my face and across my shoulders, and have had one basal cell carcinoma removed from my temple area. My skin has both yellow and pink undertones, but is on the cool-neutral side in colouring. I have no problems with acne. I tend to be on the dry and dehydrated side.

What I'm curious about is whether anyone has used the various Vivier, esp. the SkinTx, lines. I purchased some Clarite (the hydroquinone 4% cream) to try to deal with my hyperpigmentation. It's super expensive (as was the Vivier kinerol I bought). I don't mind trying out this batch, and seeing whether I want to re-purchase in time, but I'd love to hear from other people who've tried these.

Nice to meet you all
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