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Introducing myself ...

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Hi I'm Michele

I have been guesting here for a couple of weeks now and have inturn been intrigued and daunted by the information you guys share
but I have to say that it has prompted me to "come out" with my skincare interest.

Have always been a keen follower of advancements in skin care regimens even when wallet doesn't allow and your site here has piqued my interest in the current HA, Vit C serum craze that is just about to hit the UK as it seems you are all way ahead of us on this one.

Anyhoo I'll be watching a bit more from the side lines til I'm up to speed.
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Michele, hope you come out the the cold and share with us some of those bad buys your wallet got busted for..

watching from the sideline is good, but you will get reeled in, its too friendly a site not to!!

hope you get what you're seeking

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