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Hi, all.

I've just found Skin Care Talk and think it's a real find. I had no doubts about whether to join or not.

I'm a native Texan but have traveled around quite a bit during my life so far. I think maybe I've taken up root here in the greater North Dallas area. Since I have family in KY and make fairly frequent trips there to see them I love to fly. As you may understand, I haven't been doing much of that lately. I'll probably do more driving or maybe carpooling back and forth from now on. I work with Dog and Cat Rescue and may be able to hitch rides with animal transports heading one direction or the other to new forever homes.

I'm really excited to see what information I can glean from other members' experiences in skin care, especially in finding cosmetics without harmful ingredients since I've been trying to "go green" in just about every area of my life. I started a Group on here called Dry, Dry, Dry Skin ... and hope to meet some of you there. I just had another thought, since I'm an animal lover, maybe we could discuss skin care for dogs, too. It's a very real problem for some of them or at least for their owners or fosters. Maybe that would need to be another group.

Oh, I just looked at all the smilie choices and decided I better say I'm very non-confrontational so I won't be responding to any negative input. Nice to meet cha and hope we all can help each other out.
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Welcome. Interesting picture you got up there.
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