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Is Godiva licorice enriched cream any good?
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oh no!!!.....any other opinions?
Godiva seems to work best on Asian skin. Like a lot of the people on the testimonials seem to be Phillipino.
Are these Godiva products the same as the actual Godiva brand chocolate? I always see the store in the mall but never go in..
I LOVE Godiva chocolate! But no, I doubt they're the same company. How could you jump from desserts to skin lightening? lol
No, they're not the same company. lovemelots, I question the notion that Godiva works best on Asians because most of the models showed on the site are African-American.
well does anyone know how well their products work other than testimonials that are on the site?
vtoodler, I'm not sure. It's just that most of the people on the testmonials were from the Phillipines or Asian. There were a few African Americans though. I'd like to see if they'd have before and afters.
thier products are really mild and gentle. You wont see any noticeable change in your skin unless you use it for a VERY long time .. like almost a year.
nnnoooo!!! that's too long! i'm an impatient person, even a few months is a long time for me! ~pout~ i'm looking for something that takes a few weeks if possible.
i've tried godiva....unless you're philipino or something, it won't really didn't work for me....but the thing is that their stuff is way cheaper than a lot of other products.........just keep in mind that it was specifically designed for a group of people and people have claimed that it worked well when they fit into that category.....for everyone else, we have to keep looking.........
No, I used it for 3 months, day & night. I have olive, medium skin. Waste of money. I ended up buying the Renova and Hydroquinone 3%. I paid $12.00 for the Renova, plus shipping of $12.00...(got it over the border) and the Hydroquinone for $4.80 at walmart. Worked for me. No more Hyperpigmentation, I do now continue to use the Renova every single night! Remember, 3%, not 2%.
I haven't tried it, but a friend of mine say it works on her. She's also asian.
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