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Good day SCT,

I have tried my best to accept my skin tone and stop the pressure of thinking every skin tone is beautiful bs that's going on. I totally understand the concept, but deep down we all know the whole world considers fair skin beautiful unless youre born cacausian and went to tan your body.

I'm not too dark, I have kind of dusky brown skin tone, something like

Hair Skin Lip Shoulder Eyelash

And I want to have the olive skin tone, something like

Forehead Nose Cheek Skin Lip

Well I looked at the undertones, all of my friends with similar skintones have the same warm undertones.

I have access to 4% hydroquinone, tetrinoin and almost all the creams mentioned here. But I'm not very clear about the African products. I have tca with me, haven't used it.

Is there any product that can make the change within an year?

I'm kinda getting desperate, and even thought of getting monobenzene but I'm just trying to control myself at this point.
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