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Is there any way for someone to go from Fitz 5-6 to Fitz 2-3 without resorting to monobenzone? Ive seen very mixed stuff regarding mequinol too so I’m not trusting that at least yet.

I’ve lurked here for a while now and all I’ve seen is people being able to lighten a few shades through months in with so many different supplements and topicals and that alone requires so much time. I really don’t want to deal with racism and self esteem issues anymore which is why I feel like I’m at a point where only 1-2 shades wont cut it.
I have the patience, but I don’t want little to no results after months or years so ideally I would want to lighten to Fitz 3 at least (even inbetween 3 and 4 would be fine for me)

So if it is realistic and doable then I would appreciate the feedback
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