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Is it Tinea Verisicolor? Hypo/Hyperpigmentation?

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Hi all!
So I’m at my wits end with my skin at this point. I’ve been seen by a dermatologist for pretty much everything from hypo and hyperpigmentation, Tinea verisicolor, melasma etc. but nothing has worked.

Last time I went to get seen for white spots on my face but they wanted to give me triluma for a small dark area around my mouth instead but it was such an expensive small tube not covered by insurance so I didnt even get the tube.

My cheeks have these light spots on them And I feel like they are spreading. They don’t itch or anything.
My stomach and entire body are uneven with dark and light spots everywhere and I have what appears to be scars on my belly that have just appeared.
I’ve been trying to use nizoral consistently but I will be switching to selsun blue. Any ideas? Suggestions? I’m so over this
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