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Is Mineral Oil Damaging My Skin?

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Is mineral oil really as bad as studies have found it to be?? I've read that it's toxic, causes acne, will prematurely age my skin, and the list goes on. If it's damaging to the skin then why do so many cosmetic and skincare companies continue to use it in their products??
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I would say, it depends on the grade and the concentration. If it's pharmaceutical grade, then it's non-comedogenic even when mineral oil is second on ingredients list. If it's a lower grade oil it would make the product comedogenic if mineral oil was on the top of the ingredient list. However, if low-grade mineral oil would be number 20 in ingredients list, then I would not consider that product comedogenic. And while car oil and mineral oil used in cosmetics are made from the same substance, saying that cosmetic mineral oil is as bad as car oil is a bit far fetched, I mean cars are washed with water, as is skin, then I could say that water is bad for skin because cars are washed with water too, while actually nobody washes cars and face with the same water, and nobody uses car oil in skin care. At least that is what my common sense tells me, when I compaire car oil (thick, yellowish-brown, smelly liquid) and body oil (only ingredient - paraffinum liquidum) (a water-like, color and odor-less substance).
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1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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