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Is sunblock as good as daily moisturizer with spf 15?

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I have been using Lubriderm daily moisture with SPF 15 for a while now.

I have recently picked up Neutrogena Sunblock Lotion SPF 45 Broad Spectrum UVA/UVB with Parsol 1789

Is it a bad idea to use the Sunblock (Neutrogena) instead of a the Daily Moisturizer (Lubriderm)? If it is, then why?

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I think it's fantastic that you're looking at sunscreen options.
Without looking up the Neutrogena one, I'm just going to assume it's strictly a sunblock. Your Lubriderm, while it has less SPF, will give you moisturizing benefits on top of sun protection.
Keep using your moisturizer with SPF15, and then before you head out in the sun you can use your neutrogena. Don't forget though, your SPF 15 will only last about 2 hours or less. You can't depend on your first application to get you through the day (or even all of the morning!)
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