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Is this rosacea?

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Most of the time my skin is just normal (fair) with very little (and I mean little) red on both of my cheeks. You can only see if you look really close and shine a light (or in daylight). I'm only 16 so I don't think it's rosacea (I know you can get it at this age) because I've always thought it's just acne (i'm a late boomer). Can acne cause very mild red cheeks? I've got an oily nose with blackheads and my nose is also bulblous and thick skinned. I've also got very few blackheads on my chin. My forehead is normal skinned. My face does sometimes get quite hot but I've always put that down to being in a room with the fire on. Could this be rosacea developing??? I really hope not.

Oh, it's not all my cheeks, just a small centre of my cheeks. And I should mention, if I go outside then come back inside, my nose just looks red.
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sorry for another question, but just lately I've been noticing these lines in my cheeks. I thought they may be acne scars, but they can't be since I haven't had acne there and I take care of my skin. You know when you sleep and sometimes you wake up with those lines, but they disappear quickly after getting up, well they're kinda like them except these won't disappear. I've not got a clue what these lines are. Are they temporary teen thing? would appreciate some info.
Mark -- you need a doctor's assessment -- although from my experience you may not get the right answers.

Check out the Mayo Clinic site on the internet re rosacea, also there are other sites that address rosacea -- many with descriptions of symtoms as well as pictures.

Skin conditions are difficult to pinpoint --- you may just have an allergy. If you do have rosacea -- it can disappear and come back again. I just purchased a trial kit of rosacea products from the Derm store. I tried the calming cream and was pleased with the results.

Do some research yourself before you go to a doctor -- you will be able to talk and understand more about the condition. Good luck.
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