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Is this rosacea?

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Most of the time my skin is just normal (fair) with very little (and I mean little) red on both of my cheeks. You can only see if you look really close and shine a light (or in daylight). I'm only 16 so I don't think it's rosacea (I know you can get it at this age) because I've always thought it's just acne (i'm a late boomer). Can acne cause very mild red cheeks? I've got an oily nose with blackheads and my nose is also bulblous and thick skinned. I've also got very few blackheads on my chin. My forehead is normal skinned. My face does sometimes get quite hot but I've always put that down to being in a room with the fire on. Could this be rosacea developing??? I really hope not.

Oh, it's not all my cheeks, just a small centre of my cheeks. And I should mention, if I go outside then come back inside, my nose just looks red.
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Hi Mark and welcome!
What you are describing could be rosacea, to some degree. It would really take a picture or an exam to diagnose it though. Have you googled "rosacea"?
What have you tried so far?

Hi Mark
In my experience, rosacea doesn't just go away. It requires medical treatment or it can permanently thicken the skin and make the nose bulbous and red. There are prescription creams that help, such as Metrogel and Finacea, but you need a doctor's prescription to get them. It would be good to get a doctor's evaluation anyway, just in case it ISN'T rosacea -then you can find out what it IS!
You probably found out the things that trigger it: spicy food, sunlight, alcohol name a few...Wearing a good sunscreen with SPF30 or higher and a high PPD would be a good start.
Good luck with your treatment!

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OK Mark, I hope your problems get taken care of soon! Good luck!

Sure! Eucerin Redness Relief Lotion is excellent for anyone! Good Luck!

Seabuckthorn Oil is good for relieving redness and irritation too.

Hi Mark!
Is the skin under your eyes thin? Is that why you can easily see the veins? Are you saying that they are like spider veins or are they larger and bulging?

Maybe the "permanent lines" on your cheeks are just from sleeping on your side or stomach. Have you tried sleeping on your back with a pillow under your knees for comfort? It isn't easy to retrain yourself to do this, but it really helps your face!

Also, I have no papules and pustules or broken capillaries. The corner of my nostrils feels dry and rough but my nose is oily. What can it be? My skin was perfect before puberty, shortly after all this happens. I take care of my skin yet I'm the one plagued with problems - it doesn't make sense.

I've been thinking - could it be dustmites or bedbugs or something??? At night, I start to itch (not on my face but my parts of my body) -- could it be something biting me causing this skin problem??? But why is it only affecting my face? So my questions! Sorry.
Allergies? Have yu recently installed new carpet? Painted the walls? Are your heating/ac ducts clean?

Sometimes it's hard to find the source of the allergies. Try getting rid of or changing one thing at a time to rule things out.

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