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Is this rosacea?

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Most of the time my skin is just normal (fair) with very little (and I mean little) red on both of my cheeks. You can only see if you look really close and shine a light (or in daylight). I'm only 16 so I don't think it's rosacea (I know you can get it at this age) because I've always thought it's just acne (i'm a late boomer). Can acne cause very mild red cheeks? I've got an oily nose with blackheads and my nose is also bulblous and thick skinned. I've also got very few blackheads on my chin. My forehead is normal skinned. My face does sometimes get quite hot but I've always put that down to being in a room with the fire on. Could this be rosacea developing??? I really hope not.

Oh, it's not all my cheeks, just a small centre of my cheeks. And I should mention, if I go outside then come back inside, my nose just looks red.
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OK, I've been researching and I'm sure now it is rosacea. If it is for sure, then I'm positive I've caught it in it's early stages. I've just started using Eucerin Redness Relief, too. At the moment, the red is only on the cheeks and is very, very mild, unless I flush then it becomes a bit more red.

Do I just go to my doctor and tell him I think I may have rosacea? If it is, then will treatment stop the red getting any worse over time? And is there a possibility that rosacea may go away on it's own accord in later life? I eat very healthy, drink green tea, goji juice ect.

Finally, my nose feels thick when I touch it, is this excess tissue? Doesn't look too bad atm, but is it possible to have some of this removed to make my nose appear smaller? My nose goes red in cold weather.

Oh, how common is it for teens to get this condition? It says it usually occurs in adults. I really don't think I can go through this condition all my life. It actually stops you being young. Going out and socialising.

Edit: I also exfoliate at least once a week, I don't have to stop do I? And is it OK to use fake tan?

Quote: Originally Posted by

Although it's difficult to predict how long rosacea will last, in time it does disappear.

ht tp:// w w w rosacea1.shtml

Is that true?

Thanks for any answers. And sorry for all the questions.
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Just done some exercise outside and now my face is beetroot red. I hate it. I can't cope.
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Right now my face is looking great. It feels slightly hot on one cheek, but there is no redness anywhere. I zoomed in close with my cam and just couldn't see any red. I also asked my brother and he said there was no red. I guess it's because I recently applied so of that Eucerin Redness Relief I'm not sure.

How important is it I see a doctor soon so I can keep my skin the way it is and not permanently red?
Thanks, fawnie.

I'll have an appointment with my doctor next week, hopefully Monday. Anyway, just recently, my eyes keep watering, the whites are red and yellow, and they just feel so uncomfortable. I'm guessing this is ocular rosacea, so I better mention that to my doctor, too, because it's getting worst every day. I've also noticed excessive yawning, like every minute or so. :S

Anyhow, I will do my utmost to find something better than what doctors prescribe. Obviously, I will take what they prescribe but I don't want to be using that long-term, as I don't like using steroids ect. I'm with the Chinese on Rosacea. I really don't think it's a skin a problem. IMO, it's toxins in the body. Thus, I have started taking anti-oxidant foods and drinks. I have also purchased some milk thistles to give my liver a good cleansing.

Besides all this, I still believe that I have hypothyroidism. This is because I have other symptoms, like fatigue, thinning hair ect. It's just getting my doctor looking into the possibility.

I just hope a cure can be found one day. Having it is bad enough, but having it when you're young is even worse.

Thanks for the help.
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Just a quick question, can men use the Eucerin redness relief or is it for women? If so, are there alternatives for men?
Hi there Mark,

I'm so sorry that you have been experiencing a difficult time with your skin. I know what it's like to have problematic skin. This reason and many others motivated my dedication to my skin care career. Have you ever tried to calm and soothe your skin with cool products? You could try an aloe masque mixed with a drop of lavender essential oil. Place some cool gauze or paper towel over your face and rub ice over the compress for a few minutes. This is an excellent cooling treatment. You should try to avoid extreme heat and cold, because it will most likely only sensitize your skin evenmore. Limiting exposure to UV rays is also critical. So be sure to keep your skin well protected with sunscreen, for you I would recommend at least SPF 30. I also believe you may be overexfoliating, which will not only cause premature aging, but can also cause couperose, which is visibly dilted and broken cappilaries under the surface of the skin. This can also cause the skin to look red and persistently flushed. You are doing the right thing though by consulting with a medical professional. I hope your visit will be enlightening and most of all productive.

Well, it's very hard to limit UV exposure, they're all around us. I usually exfoliate once a week. Shouldn't you exfoliate with rosacea? Premature ageing? Exfoliating makes my skin feel nice and smooth hehe.

Is thinning hair a symptom of rosacea, too?

Finally, is there hope of rosacea just disappearing and your skin isn't red any more?

Oh, is it OK to use fake tan to cover the redness?

Right now, my skin just feels warm but hardly any redness at all, well I can't see any. I'm hoping it might not be rosacea but not holding my breath. And if it is, then I don't know where I get it from because my mum has normal skin and my dad doesn't have it. Must be an ancestor.

sorry for another question, but just lately I've been noticing these lines in my cheeks. I thought they may be acne scars, but they can't be since I haven't had acne there and I take care of my skin. You know when you sleep and sometimes you wake up with those lines, but they disappear quickly after getting up, well they're kinda like them except these won't disappear. I've not got a clue what these lines are. Are they temporary teen thing? would appreciate some info.
Yes, I know that but I'm trying to find as much info as possible, as my doctor is a complete idiot and always says "it's nothing" when I see him about anything.

I don't think it's rosacea. I'm just worried about these permanent lines on my cheeks. I've researched but cannot find anything. I also have visible veins under my eyes and one on the bridge of my nose. Will these go away does anyone know?
hi again

the veins under the eyes are improving as I've been trying to thicken the skin under the eyes by stimulating my skin to produce more collagen and elastin. To answer your question, no, they aren't bulging.

I doubt the lines are from sleeping on my side. I mean, that wouldn't make permanent lines that never go away. I have no idea what they are but it's depressing.

Anyway, does anyone know why my nose and forehead have gone from oily to dry? I never thought that was possible during puberty. Is it rosacea spreading? My cheeks are still red. but it's not just a bit of me cheeks, it's all of my cheeks that is dry. I believe I have dust mites in my room, is there a possibility they can cause dry red skin? I mean, I'm moisturising but I can still feel the dryness after a while. Not as bad, but I can feel it a little. Help appreciated.
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The lines on my face are still there. I can't explain them. It's like someones dug a scalpel in my skin and took little pieces of skin off leaving these dents/lines.

And my forehead is going wrong now. It's gone from oily to dry and feels rough/scaly when I touch it. What's happening?!?!?!?

I just don't think this is rosacea. Lately, my whole body has felt really hot. I touch my skin and it just feels hot, esp. on my face. Thankfully, it's a lot better today and feels cool -- but I dont understand what is happening. Skin diseases change your appearance and I hate it. I can't live like this!
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Also, I have no papules and pustules or broken capillaries. The corner of my nostrils feels dry and rough but my nose is oily. What can it be? My skin was perfect before puberty, shortly after all this happens. I take care of my skin yet I'm the one plagued with problems - it doesn't make sense.

I've been thinking - could it be dustmites or bedbugs or something??? At night, I start to itch (not on my face but my parts of my body) -- could it be something biting me causing this skin problem??? But why is it only affecting my face? So my questions! Sorry.
Thanks for your response!

Well, I don't see anyone else going through puberty with these lines. They've been there for a few months now (maybe shorter) and they aren't going. Like I've said, they are like someone has got a scapel and plucked a bit of skin (they aren't like "lines" in that sense). It's hard to explain. I would need to see a picture of muscle lines to compare, but I doubt it's what my problem is.

I wash my face, moisturise but still nothing. At night I use completely organic products, such as virgin coconut oil, shea butter ect ect but no difference.
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I applied some of my mums tri pentrox rehydrating nightly complex (google it) last night and it immediately hydrated and soothed my skin. It's quite expensive and it's supposed to stimulate collagen and elastin. Anyway, I've noticed that some of these dents are effectively filling in. Also, my cheeks feel cool today and not hot like usualy. My nose and forehead feel hot, however.

I have skin inflammation, but have no idea what the cause could be. Any ideas? I want to gather as much information as possible before I see my doctor beacuse he's a waste of time.

Quote: Originally Posted by

Inflammation - redness and swelling - is a characteristic of most cases of acne.

Hmmm .... I don't have pimples on my cheeks, though. I do however have blackheads on my nose - but lately, my nose has been feeling dry and red when it used to be oily. As well as my forehead.
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Well I was under the impression that prolonged inflammation breaks down collagen and elastin.

You're right, the internet causes confusions with ilnesses and you try to guess then you stress which makes your condition worst. However, I know that these marks/dents in my skin aren't normal, esp. when I'm moisturising and cleansing. My skin is making me self-concious and scared to leave the house.
Because I'm afraid what my skin will look like in natural daylight. Skin problems change your appearance so it's so stressing!!!

Been likes this for a few months now my cheeks. But my nose and forehead have only recently become dry and rough/scaly feeling. I moisturise but no difference. Been like this for around a week or so now, maybe longer. You would think if it's irriated skin it would be better now, but I can't see how it is, because I've used nothing but pure organic moisturisers.
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My skin feels hot but inside I feel fine -- well sometimes I feel hot on the inside too. My question is, is skin supposed to feel hot? I thought it's meant to feel cool.
Thanks for that post.

They look similar to this: Not as bad -- but look very similar. I don't understand how I can have acne scarring.
I've had no acne on my cheeks and I've cleansed my face and moisturised but I still get scarring? You can hardly see mine in the mirror, but if I look in a reflective surface, I can see the dents plain and clear. :S
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Well I don't think I've had cystic acne. I've had one or two small red bumps on my cheeks, but apart from that nothing. Just blackheads on my nose, which are hardly visible.

Anyway, I will take your advice and see my doctor as soon as. Hopefully, it'll be something and nothing. And these dents will just me temporary things. Well, like I say, I look in the mirror and my skin looks pretty good and I can just see a little redness on the cheeks. But if I look in a reflective surface, I can see the dents. Strange. :S

Here, look at this pic: http://www.jacksonvillelasercenter.c...rge_pores1.jpg. Ignore all the large pores, and look below the eye. Can you see the little dent like a bit of skin is missing? Well, that's how these look, with some being long lines.......

Will my skin improve after puberty?? Say around 19-20? Bear in mind I'm a late devloper and started at 16, but have gone through puberty very, very quickly.
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Nope, never had bumps under my skin. Well I'll see my gp and see what he has to say.
I just read online that if the scars/marks haven't been there for 6 months, then it's best waiting as they may well dissappear. Still, I'll see my GP. It's better to be safe than sorry!!!
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