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Is this rosacea?

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Most of the time my skin is just normal (fair) with very little (and I mean little) red on both of my cheeks. You can only see if you look really close and shine a light (or in daylight). I'm only 16 so I don't think it's rosacea (I know you can get it at this age) because I've always thought it's just acne (i'm a late boomer). Can acne cause very mild red cheeks? I've got an oily nose with blackheads and my nose is also bulblous and thick skinned. I've also got very few blackheads on my chin. My forehead is normal skinned. My face does sometimes get quite hot but I've always put that down to being in a room with the fire on. Could this be rosacea developing??? I really hope not.

Oh, it's not all my cheeks, just a small centre of my cheeks. And I should mention, if I go outside then come back inside, my nose just looks red.
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Also, I have no papules and pustules or broken capillaries. The corner of my nostrils feels dry and rough but my nose is oily. What can it be? My skin was perfect before puberty, shortly after all this happens. I take care of my skin yet I'm the one plagued with problems - it doesn't make sense.

I've been thinking - could it be dustmites or bedbugs or something??? At night, I start to itch (not on my face but my parts of my body) -- could it be something biting me causing this skin problem??? But why is it only affecting my face? So my questions! Sorry.
Mark, I think you should consider that your skin is becoming adult skin. Males go through a period where the skin thickens as they progress into the middle and later years of puberty. On the one hand it is something that makes males more vulnerable to acne, red "ruddy" skin, strong lines from muscle development etc. Much of what you describe is in line with this.

It is not at all uncommon for guys to mistake muscle lines as wrinkles. The good news is that males have thicker skin and wrinkle a bit later but the bad news is that at your age the problems can be much worse for a male. You will get acne, oily skin, dry skin can happen, deeper lines that resemble wrinkles are actually your skin getting accustomed to a new underlying and much more powerful muscle structure (you get eye lines like a smiling clown, forhead lines and a furrow in between the eyebrows) and even lines around the mouth. NONE of these are age-related wrinkles but rather muscle and structure related.

I think you need to just see where you end up and take good care of your skin now by washing with a mild soap or non-soap wash if you have dry skin. I would not worry too much.
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Thanks for your response!

Well, I don't see anyone else going through puberty with these lines. They've been there for a few months now (maybe shorter) and they aren't going. Like I've said, they are like someone has got a scapel and plucked a bit of skin (they aren't like "lines" in that sense). It's hard to explain. I would need to see a picture of muscle lines to compare, but I doubt it's what my problem is.

I wash my face, moisturise but still nothing. At night I use completely organic products, such as virgin coconut oil, shea butter ect ect but no difference.
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Mark does anyone else notice them? As stated, your skin is going through a lot of changes and these are structural changes. It may be that when others were going through it you did not note it and you are a bit of a late developer or perhaps even earlier developer. As stated though, it is impossible for anyone to tell you whether it is normal or something to worry about, especially with no photo, so it is probably best to put your mind at ease if you go to your GP and ask for to see a dermatologist. I doubt it is serious though but I do appreciate that for you it is serious as it is distressing you. It does sound a lot like there may be some inflammation perhaps when you talk about scalpels but as stated, without a photo it is hard to even guess.

I applied some of my mums tri pentrox rehydrating nightly complex (google it) last night and it immediately hydrated and soothed my skin. It's quite expensive and it's supposed to stimulate collagen and elastin. Anyway, I've noticed that some of these dents are effectively filling in. Also, my cheeks feel cool today and not hot like usualy. My nose and forehead feel hot, however.

I have skin inflammation, but have no idea what the cause could be. Any ideas? I want to gather as much information as possible before I see my doctor beacuse he's a waste of time.

Quote: Originally Posted by

Inflammation - redness and swelling - is a characteristic of most cases of acne.

Hmmm .... I don't have pimples on my cheeks, though. I do however have blackheads on my nose - but lately, my nose has been feeling dry and red when it used to be oily. As well as my forehead.
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Without photos I am guessing you may have irritated your skin. I think at your age you really do not need to be worrying about collagen and elastin, you do not have progeria so collagen and elastin are still working at about 100% for you. It sounds like you may have irritated the areas with harsh treatments, especially as they have gone dry, red and hot after being oily. There is another bloke on here who is under 18 and he is also obsessing about normal woes of puberty. I think unfortunately when you give people access to so much information, like the internet, people come up with all sorts of problems they do not have. Bad skin is an unfortunatel side effect of puberty, especially male puberty, and as such you are going to have irritation, dryness, redness, hot areas etc. I know this does not help alleviate it but it is just a fact! The more you actually play around with it the worse it gets. Just washing, keeping dry areas moisturised, treating any acne as it occurs and generally accepting that your skin is changing will likely be all you need.
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Well I was under the impression that prolonged inflammation breaks down collagen and elastin.

You're right, the internet causes confusions with ilnesses and you try to guess then you stress which makes your condition worst. However, I know that these marks/dents in my skin aren't normal, esp. when I'm moisturising and cleansing. My skin is making me self-concious and scared to leave the house.
Because I'm afraid what my skin will look like in natural daylight. Skin problems change your appearance so it's so stressing!!!

Been likes this for a few months now my cheeks. But my nose and forehead have only recently become dry and rough/scaly feeling. I moisturise but no difference. Been like this for around a week or so now, maybe longer. You would think if it's irriated skin it would be better now, but I can't see how it is, because I've used nothing but pure organic moisturisers.
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My skin feels hot but inside I feel fine -- well sometimes I feel hot on the inside too. My question is, is skin supposed to feel hot? I thought it's meant to feel cool.
Mark--I totally understand you! I used to have a rule that I would never look in a mirror after I left the house! I especially hated going into bathrooms at clubs when they had those floursecent lights and a huge mirror and if you even washed your hands you would have to be under what I called TRUTH lights! Same for me in natural light, even now I hate to see my imperfections under bright daylight or worse yet flourescent lights.

Skin is warm, it is living! It will tend to get warmer with inflammation. I know it is really hard but you do have normal teen skin problems. The scars are not ABNORMAL! They are an unfortunate result of acne and are scarring but you are far from alone in these. The best you can do is wait until the teen years run their course and consider saving for a future laser procedure or some peels first. I would consult a dermatologist and ask your GP to refer you as they can and you CAN demand that too! This will put your mind at ease and also you will get a consultation on all available treatments.

As for your fear of going outside--well I will share with you that I have had skin issues the last half year and scrubbed the hell out of my skin and it started looking so bad I spent weeks only going out when I thought neighbours were not likely around, I would even wait until it was dark just to walk my dogs etc. You cannot let anything make you stay in, it is not healthy! I learned that and you need to as well.

I really am sorry you are having these issues but I do think they are normal and will get better with time. As for collagen break-down, you really do not have to worry about that yet!
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Thanks for that post.

They look similar to this: Not as bad -- but look very similar. I don't understand how I can have acne scarring.
I've had no acne on my cheeks and I've cleansed my face and moisturised but I still get scarring? You can hardly see mine in the mirror, but if I look in a reflective surface, I can see the dents plain and clear. :S
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OK---here is the deal, these are cystic acne scars and cystic acne this guy has. If you have anything similar then you likely also have cystic acne which would explain the scarring (IF it is scarring). The reason being that cystic acne does not necessarily manifest itself as SPOTS (pimples for USA). These can be under your skin and barely visible or seem like just bumps that you may attribute to razor bumps or even new hairs on your face etc. When they resolve they have left scars as they had been damaging the dermal skin structure.

Alternately, these could just be large pores and thus may be treatable. This is why someone really needs to take a close look, but either way all of this can happen and does happen to many during puberty.
Well I don't think I've had cystic acne. I've had one or two small red bumps on my cheeks, but apart from that nothing. Just blackheads on my nose, which are hardly visible.

Anyway, I will take your advice and see my doctor as soon as. Hopefully, it'll be something and nothing. And these dents will just me temporary things. Well, like I say, I look in the mirror and my skin looks pretty good and I can just see a little redness on the cheeks. But if I look in a reflective surface, I can see the dents. Strange. :S

Here, look at this pic: http://www.jacksonvillelasercenter.c...rge_pores1.jpg. Ignore all the large pores, and look below the eye. Can you see the little dent like a bit of skin is missing? Well, that's how these look, with some being long lines.......

Will my skin improve after puberty?? Say around 19-20? Bear in mind I'm a late devloper and started at 16, but have gone through puberty very, very quickly.
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Your skin will calm down, I cannot say whether it will improve as I have not seen it but even the area you pick out on her face looks a lot like cystic acne. This is acne that is caused by bumps DEEP under the outer (visible) layers of skin. Did you ever have a feeling there were bumps under your skin? I do think that you are lucky that there are remedied to help you now and I am sure you will one day be very comfortable with your skin. Do see a dermatologist though.
Nope, never had bumps under my skin. Well I'll see my gp and see what he has to say.
I just read online that if the scars/marks haven't been there for 6 months, then it's best waiting as they may well dissappear. Still, I'll see my GP. It's better to be safe than sorry!!!
Yes, it is completely possible they can fill out but I think you should see a dermatologist as they may want to give you something that stimulates collagen for these areas such as retin-a just for the areas affected. They may also have other remedies. The good news is that there are some emerging treatments like Porcine dermal collage permanently crosslinked with hexamethylene diisocyanate to fill out areas like pitted scars. That may sound really technical so I will explain it in a nutshell--it is pig collagen that is mixed with another substance essentially to kind of form a bridge that stimulates your body to grow collagen fibres to fill it out. It is far better than the fillers today!

You really need to go one step at a time though and I think you will be fine!
Hi Mark - I'm sorry to hear of your skin problems. My rosacea started age 20 but wasn't diagnosed until much later. See your doctor as soon as possible and take a list of the things you want to say. If you are unsatisfied they are taking your concerns seriously, book another appointment to see a different doctor or preferable a dermatologist.
Above all, remember that there are treatments out there that can help such skin conditions, whether they are curable or not, sometimes it just takes time to find out exactly what the problem with your skin is, what is causing it, and thus the best treatment to keep it under control so you can get on with your life. The majority of people, young and old, have some sort of health-related or cosmetic conditions they are dealing with. Good luck at the doctors.
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Hi all,

Thanks for all the replies. Really appreciate it. Anyway, I really do not think it's rosacea. I've spent a few weeks away from my house and when I did - my skin healed and the redness disappeared and my skin became smooth (that's without applying anything! -- Really, my skin felt great.). As soon as I get back to mine, my skin starts to go red and not very smooth. There has to be something causing this, but what? (it only affects my face). I haven't got a clue where start. Any help appreciated.
Also, I have no papules and pustules or broken capillaries. The corner of my nostrils feels dry and rough but my nose is oily. What can it be? My skin was perfect before puberty, shortly after all this happens. I take care of my skin yet I'm the one plagued with problems - it doesn't make sense.

I've been thinking - could it be dustmites or bedbugs or something??? At night, I start to itch (not on my face but my parts of my body) -- could it be something biting me causing this skin problem??? But why is it only affecting my face? So my questions! Sorry.
Allergies? Have yu recently installed new carpet? Painted the walls? Are your heating/ac ducts clean?

I was thinking allergies - but what? It could be anything! Done none of the above. Even whilst I was away and I saw my sister - she said my skin looked a lot better.
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