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Is this rosacea?

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Most of the time my skin is just normal (fair) with very little (and I mean little) red on both of my cheeks. You can only see if you look really close and shine a light (or in daylight). I'm only 16 so I don't think it's rosacea (I know you can get it at this age) because I've always thought it's just acne (i'm a late boomer). Can acne cause very mild red cheeks? I've got an oily nose with blackheads and my nose is also bulblous and thick skinned. I've also got very few blackheads on my chin. My forehead is normal skinned. My face does sometimes get quite hot but I've always put that down to being in a room with the fire on. Could this be rosacea developing??? I really hope not.

Oh, it's not all my cheeks, just a small centre of my cheeks. And I should mention, if I go outside then come back inside, my nose just looks red.
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Sometimes it's hard to find the source of the allergies. Try getting rid of or changing one thing at a time to rule things out.

Yes, I know that but I'm trying to find as much info as possible, as my doctor is a complete idiot and always says "it's nothing" when I see him about anything.

I don't think it's rosacea. I'm just worried about these permanent lines on my cheeks. I've researched but cannot find anything. I also have visible veins under my eyes and one on the bridge of my nose. Will these go away does anyone know?
Hello Mark,I'm new to this forum and just started reading your concerns, you're only 16 years old and your skin will probably be in great shape as you get older, it sounds like you're taking excellent care of it already
In the meantime,be gentle to your skin and be patient.There are still all kinds of hormone imbalances going on at your age,so it is very normal for redness or even thick looking skin to occur.keep exfoliating with a gentle exfoliant, even mixing sugar with olive oil or just making a paste of sugar and water makes your skin super smooth. And protect... maybe consult with a great esthetician in your area,make sure they are licensed and have experience. Good luck!
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Mark -My daughter had skin problems and it caused her a great deal of emotional turmoil, as it seems to be causing you. I immediately took her to a dermatologist and he cleared her right up. She had to use an antibiotic in cream form on her face, Can't remember the name, but it worked quickly. It got her through puberty. Then she discontinued using it and she's just great today.
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