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Is Your Skin Oily?

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Using products to dry up your skin because of excess oil could be making your skin more prone to oil? For many years I tried to use products to dry up the oil on my skin, not realizing that I was actually dehydrating my skin and thus leading to more oil production. Many products on the market are leaving unwanted residue on your skin and over time leads to dehydration. Many skin care products have ingredients like mineral oil, waxes and petrolatum that is not absorbed in the skin and suffocates the pores. Any product with alcohol in it aids in robbing your skin of moisture. Have you ever spilled rubbing alcohol on your hands? What happens to your skin, it becomes instantly dry. Many astringents and toners contain alcohol. Check the ingredients on your skin care products and choose ones that don't contain harmful ingredients.
Is your skin confused? Mixing products from different companies can cause imbalance in your skin. Pick products from one skin care line and stick to it. Every company formulates their products at different PH levels.

Know what ingredients are in your skin care products. If you find skin care products online that interest you and the ingredients are not listed....Ask for an ingredients list.

Your skin is the biggest organ in your body, so give it the hydration that it needs.
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