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I've Found a Pretty Good At Home Remedy

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Ok so i've been browsing on this forum for the past couple of weeks trying to figure out what creams to buy to make my skin lighter, not WHITER lol. I'm black and I have a really good "farmers tan going on all year round. Meaning that my face, neck, and outer arms below my elbow are darker than my chest, stomach, legs, inner arms, etc. My face is like a brown Gabrielle Union color but my inner arms and chest are like 3 shades lighter like a Beyonce shade. And I've heard that you truly can't get any lighter than your inner arms so that's the color I was aiming for. Well after about a week of just trying this new thing out..I've noticed 'from pictures I've taken' that my complexion has lightened up. Almost a whole shade. I was just experimenting around and it worked..and is probably less expensive in the long wrong, plus your face won't break out. This is what you'll need:

Proactive Renewing Cleanser
Proactive Revitalizing Toner

Hydrogen Peroxide (I use 3%)
Proactive Repairing Lotion
Clean and Clear Soft Night Lotion

The main ingredient in all of these things, except for the Toner, Night Lotion, and Vaseline, contain a form of peroxide (Benzyol and Hydrogen). Peroxide contains oxygen which kills acne and also speeds of the cellular turn over of skin cells. So this is how it works. The Cleanser has beads in it, which exfoliates the skin and takes off most of the top layer of the skin which is also the darkest layer. The Toner gets rid of any dirt or residue that the cleanser might have missed or left behind. The Hydrogen Peroxide oxygenates the skin even more which tells the cells to speed up the turnover and push the new, and "untanned" skin upward. Then the Repairing Lotion just adds some extra benzyol peroxide to aid in the clearing and prevention of acne, but also speeds up the turnover as well. And then the Clean and Clear Soft Night Lotion is to moisturize your face because peroxide can be VERY drying and I just LOVE the new Clean and Clear Soft line lol. just follow the directions on the bottles. I do this at NIGHT right before bed.Cleanser, Toner, Vaseline, Hydrogen Peroxide, Repairing Lotion, Night Lotion in that order. Use cotton balls to put the Peroxide on and spread it all over your face and neck. When you eye to your eye area, just spread it lightly because the skin there is thinner..but do put the peroxide on it because you don't wanna look like a RACCOON lol! Oh and the Vaseline is for your Eyebrows. Spread a thin layer on them, it will keep them from getting bleached by the peroxide..I'm not sure if they will get bleached but I didn't wanna take a chance so i knew the Vaseline would protect them. And then just put on the Night Lotion and you're all good! In the morning just use a normal cleanser or if you're like me just throw some water on your face to wake it up and then put on some sunscreen and you're all set! Hope this helps other people..I'll keep you updated!

Like I said this will help you if you're trying to get as light as your inner arm. If you're trying to get lighter than that or "whiter" then this probably won't help you much. Thanks for reading!
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whats your source for all this information?
My source is really just personal experience and also just know what peroxide does. I new that the way Benzoyl peroxide worked was from the way it treats acne. It oxygenates the skin..Acne can't live in oxygen..which is way it stays in the skin..and makes bumps. Peroxide can penetrate the skin and oxygenate it from the inside out so you can get rid of the acne without popping the pimple and causes scarring. It also speeds up cell turn over by getting rid of the top layer which tells the skin to hurry up and push the newer and cleaner skin upwards. Hydrogen Peroxide works in the same way. And you can get it from any store. I picked up my last bottle at a gas station.
Sounds like an interesting endeavour. I hope that it all works out for you. I for one know that Proactive just kills my skin. I used it three years ago, burned my skin and I returned it and never use it again.
Aww I'm sorry that happened to you! Yeah some people's skin can't handle that much benzoyl peroxide. At first i didn't think I could either because other acne products use to break me out too...but i later found out it was the Salicylic Acid that my skin didn't like, not the peroxide.

Oh and just an update...My skin is noticibly lighter now. A friend asking me why i was looking so much lighter and I told her "Maybe it's because it's getting winter?" lol. I'm not sure if i want to get any lighter though. I think i've achieved the shade i was going for so now i guess I'm going to have to figure out how to maintain it and also start working on my outer arms and legs are actually already light enough. I'll keep you all updated!
yeah..i'll see if i can find and old pic and put it on here and take a new one so you all can see the difference.
Hi all ,
i'm 25 yr old guy. I've a wheetish brown face, but my inside parts are lighter like my chest , my inner arms are number of shades lighter. So can i get the same color tone for my face too ????????

Is there any surgery to make skin lighter...without any side effects like hyperpigmentation........
This sounds great but for those of you who cannot use Proactive try Obagi CLENZiderm it also uses benzoyl peroxide but the molecule sizes of benzoyl peroxide are formulate to be much much smaller, allowing it to go deeper into the dermis, so you don't get the irritation and dryness that you get with proactive.
I have been reading some articles on hydrogen perozide is extremely dangerous to use on your face!
Alright. That is pretty good. So I am wondering if you are just an average person or do you have some sort of background in this business?
I have been reading some articles on hydrogen perozide is extremely dangerous to use on your face!
I agree
Yeah, keep that **** off your face. In fact, you shouldn't even use it on cuts.
"In fact, you shouldn't even use it on cuts."

When I was growing up hydrogen peroxide was poured on cuts and open wounds to irrigate (clean) them. Now the thinking is that it is very damaging to the tissue and impairs healing. As an alternative - it is recommended that sterile saline solution be used to clean wounds.

Kind of off topic, but it supports the comment by Freddy.
VASELINE ?!? That is a petroleum prduct: inorganic & NOT absorbable by skin: it clogs pores, can cause acne & is just not something any source suggests applying to the face. All those high levels of peroxide, especially near the eyes or the nostrils can caise all sorts of harm (including BLINDNESS) as peroxide is very harmful to the eyes (just read the warnings on a hair dye bottle). I understand wanting to change your colour but at what risk?
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