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I've got a bruise due to waxing, what shall I do ?

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Hi, I'm a 17 year old guy. I bought a package of Mandy's face Wax strips ( &subcateId=8&subcategory=Wax+Strips ).

I tried it today, but I held the strip a bit too long and when I removed, it left a huge amount in my face.
The instructions said not to wash with water or alcohol. It said to use moisturiser to dissolve it.
I used "Johnson's baby moisturising lotion" on the area but it did not remove the wax.
I tried to clean it with a towel, still nothing.
Then I desperately repeated the wax strip over that area to see if it would remove it, but nothing.
Then after some more moisturising, I also applied water and the wax was almost unnoticeable.

That part of the skin kept irritating the whole day each time I touched it.
Now, after 15 hours, that skin is getting redder and it looks like this:
Look at the red part next to the lips. The other red spots are from my old acnes.

Should I do anything about it or leave it, it will pass ?
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It's just irritate, leave it alone and it will go away. Calamine lotion will calm the area down. One other thing, don't wax your face again. That's stupid from my point of view because you're a guy so your hair will come back alot faster than a woman's and you'll irritate the skin even more and you'll expose yourself to ingrown hairs. Just shave.
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