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I've Made My Decision

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Ok, so I've made my decision. I have decided to use Melederm (Civant Skin Lightening Cream & Skin Whitening Products for Lighter Skin ) to lighten my overall complexion. Melederm has all the ingredients I need, including alpha arbutrin and kojic acid. At $50 for two ounces, I don't think that the price is too bad either. I will post results in about 2-3 months.
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On their FAQ it says that the product isnt meant to lighten the overall complexion. Do you think it will be strong enough? I emailed them a few weeks ago about the melederm cream and they told me they are coming out with a new improved version really soon. Maybe you should just wait.
How soon is really soon? Also, their website says that their "products can also be used to brighten the overall complexion," so I'm guessing that it will be okay.
I think I'll wait to try their new cream. vtoodler, do remember to keep us updated if you decide to go ahead and decide to buy beforehand.
Trisha, do you have more information about their new cream?
Their always coming out with "a new version" or "new cream." I wonder how long till they get one that truly deliver results. I dunno, only reason i didnt buy is because they clearly state it isnt for lightening but I cant judge until I try!
Trisha, do you have more information about their new cream?
they told me within a month.
Although everyone else thinks that Civant's melederm can't be used to lighten the OVERALL complexion, I emailed the customer service people about it, and this is what they said:


Thank you for contacting us. The Melederm Complex works very well to
brighten the overall skin tone by lightening hyperpigmented skin. Though
there are some whitening effects of the product after extended use, we
do not recommend you use the cream for sole purpose of lightening your
natural skin tone by a large degree. Removing large amounts of your
normal skin color (through the use of any skin lightening cream) will
decrease your skin's natural defense against ultraviolet light which can
lead to excessive sun sensitivity and skin irritation. We do, however,
encourage customers to use the product to restore/brighten skin that has
been darkened by hyperpigmentation. If you have any other questions,
please email us again.


Customer Service
Civant Skincare

What do you all think about using melederm now? (Some of this was a little confusing.) Also, I don't think a new product is actually going to be released.
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brighten is not really the same as lighten. when i think of "brighten" im thinking that it refers to evening skin tone. if you have really really dark skin stuff like melederm might not be strong enought to significantly lighten your overall skin tone. its definatly worth a try cause its one of the safer methods right now.

ive seen you, vtoodler, on the brighter skin forum and alot of women were talking about makari. is there a reason you chose melederm over makari? anyways, i got problems with both. melederm is chuck full of different lighteners and i wonder if any one of them are in strong enough concentrations to be effectively used together. sometimes its better to have 1 strong active then many weak ones. also melederm contain mineral oil which prevents absorption of all those actives. so the formula for melederm could have incorperated emollients and emolsifyers that support absorption cause that alone can really affect how quickly someone responds to skin lightening.

it might be worth your while to buy samples ( or the smallest available size) of both some of makari's products (night cream and the lightening milk), fair and flawless (5x gel) and a 2oz jar of melederm complex and do a test. thats really the only way you will know what works for you. it can get a bit expensive but you will safe money in the long wrong if you test all thee together is generally the same location and compare your results after 2-4 weeks. it beats buying 8 oz jar of melederm only to find that it doesnt work and youve just wasted 6 oz worth of product that could have been used to test something else.
generally all the skin lighening creams work. so looking for reviews on forums only will give you a limited view of what you can expect. so you definatly are going to have to try stuff to know for sure what will work for you.
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Well, I went onto their website (Meladerm) the product comes in a 1.7 oz cream or 3.4 oz. Additionally, they offer a 30-day money back guarantee so you can try out the product. They return everything, except shipping & handling. So its pretty risk-free for you to give it a shot. Does Makari offer the same thing?
yeah meladerm seems the safest and most reliable.
When you type skin bleaching in google, the first thing that comes up is Meladerm skin care, so the company is actualy a real one to. 30 day money back, im pretty sure you will see results, but im not sure how significant the results will be :S
I need ot make up my mind by mid-november guyss
so far its either Dermabright or Meladerm for mee?
Yeah, I'm sorry I forgot to post results. I ended up using the Makari Night Cream, which barely lightened my skin. However, it did moisturize my skin A LOT. And it made it very soft and it lasted a long time.
But it costs too much so I'm hoping it goes on sale again.
The thing with Makari's guarantee is that 30 days is not enough time to truly gauge results. It takes 8-12 WEEKS to see a result so what ends up happening is that, after 30 days has expired with no results, people continue using the cream. By the time they realize that the results will be minimal to none, the guarantee has expired & they're out a bunch of $$$. The 'Doctor' hawking the cream on You Tube is very dark himself & makes a poor spokesman for the product. Their other ads feature people whose skin was obviously very fair naturally. It is misleading! Please check out my thread called "I've found something that is working". I am going into week 4 & the results so far are impressive. Do not throw out any more money!
ondine can you show us your results with pictures?
this is the internet
and someitmes i dont know who to believe
your an intelligent skin care fanatic but thats here on this forum lol
im not accusing you of anything
but your extremely persuasive, persuasive enough to make me want to use HQ... something i have never considered before.
sorry if you take offense to this.
but i would greatly appreciate to see your results with pictures
I will post a picture soon, but I did not take one 3 weeks ago. I will try to take them under the same lighting conditions, in the same room (background colour can alter results) and at the same time of day. I am not at all offended and i understand why you'd want to see. Because of all the photoshopping & playing with lighting, I wanted to avoid this method because even then, you can never be sure that I am not some nut who is deceiving people. I am gauging my results by the foundation (makeup) colour that blends into my skin. At the beginning, I used Maybelline's Dream Matte Mousse in Dark 2. It was not too light but brightened a little. After a couple of weeks, I needed to use Dark 1 to get the same results. Now, today, Dark 1 disappears into my skin & you cannot see it. By the end of this week, I'll need to use Dark 0. Anyone can go to store & try the testers & see what I mean.

Please do not be duped by 'before and after' shots. Anyone can make anything possible: photoshopping can alter eye & hair colour as well as add features that were not there.
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VT, you should post some before and after pictures.
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