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I have oily acne-prone skin that is pretty sensitive/reactive and dehydrates easily. I used to have severe acne but after starting a new regimen, my skin totally cleared up and stayed clear for about 5 months. Here is the regimen I was using:

Clinque DDMG
Kanebo SS
Shiseido Cleansing Oil
.025% RetinA gel

But one day my skin started breaking out in large red bumps and painful rough patches, thinking this was becuase of climate changes I started lightly applying Cetaphil cream at night an hour after my retinoid. This resulted in large acne pimples all over my cheeks and forehead. After this I went back to my old regimen but cut out the cleansing oil, thinking that it might be too harsh becuase I feel a lot of dead skin peeling off during cleansing and my face would be red afterwards. So I started using Cetaphil in the AM and PM (sometimes w/ a gentle washcloth because my skin tends to build up easily and I need some sort of exfoliation).

Now the roughness is gone but my t-zone is still covered in small and large colorless sometimes itchy sometimes painful bumps. Please help, I cannot afford to go the derm right now. My insurance policy does not cover it. Any ideas on what I should try next?

Do you think maybe stopping Benzaclin and switching my AM treatment to spot treating w/ Prosacea may help? I haven't tried this yet, do you think it will be gentler than Benzaclin?
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