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Jennifer Aniston skincare secret!!

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Hey guys,

Just heard on the news this morning that Jennifer Aniston is 40 today and yet she looks so young and gorgeous!!
I wonder if anyone can share her secrets of looking so young at her age?!
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Ur rite, girls! Money does make people get the best beauty treatments and cosmetic surgery. I agree some stars do look unrecognisable without their make-up though..
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I agree with u, Mushi! I fink Angelina is much younger but still Jenn beats her!

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courtney cox without makeup...
Hmmm.. make me wonder how different stars look without their make-ups!!
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You know what I may not take her fame but Id take MS cox money any time! I have to say though even with the botox still think simon cowell looks great in the face area, the pants are another thing he he ha!!!!!!!!!!
Lol. I can't agree more on Simon cowell one! Lol
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I don't think having a lot of money will solve your problems! Tori Spelling could've afforded the best and had an inside track to who to go to, but she apparently had a "surgical misadventure" with her implants.

Even the best plastic surgeons make grievous errors! Surgery is not the answer to everything guys! It doesn't come with a guarantee!
Truly said, Fawnie. Money does not make someone beautiful but indubitably places a person in a privileged position to be able to afford the best of beauty treatments and so on. By the way, there are so many other stars who I believe still look good for their age because they have the money to be able to pamper themselves. For instance, Madonna and Sharon Stone still look good at 50.
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I'm guessing if your face and body were your "product" then you'd have to have the best of everything. Fitness people, personal chefs, plastic surgeons, make up artists, hairstylists, fashion people, the best care head to toe. Of course these people start off better than average to begin with, right? Not like that's such a big secret for why celebs usually look so great. Look at jennifer Lopez too! For someone close to 40 she's amazing., Skin, body, hair, everything. Its what sells, not their talent so they have no choice but to maintain it all. I love both Jennifers anyway! TEAM ANISTON!
Hey, I love both Jennifer's too but I have to say Jennifer lopez is my favorite!
She is just gorgeous isn't she?
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Wow, those pictures are really something.
These stars really look different without their make-up, don't they??
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lots of money can buy anything!!!
Yup, partly true!
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