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Jennifer Aniston skincare secret!!

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Hey guys,

Just heard on the news this morning that Jennifer Aniston is 40 today and yet she looks so young and gorgeous!!
I wonder if anyone can share her secrets of looking so young at her age?!
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I just want to add that altho Jennifer looks great, it doesn't take a whole lotta money to look your best! It does take a lot of research tho. You know what I'm going to I won't bore you with it....

Keep in mind that most of the tabloids photoshop the pics of celebrities to make them look horrible....that's how they sell their rags!

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Yeah, but Courtney had Botox. She says she "hated it" but that's probably because she is now a model/spokesperson for Kinerase. That's confusing to me. How can that company expect folks to believe that their products give terrific results if their front person openly admits that she had cosmetic surgery? Does she look good because of the surgery (which she says she had in the past) or the products (which she says that she continues to use)?
Right mireckca, it seems misleading. But do most ppl even know that Courtney Cox has had surgery and Botox, or do they just see her pics and jump right in: "I want THAT!!"

It's too easy to shell out big money for cosmetic potions that don't live up to their claims (and the more expensive it is the BETTER it is, right??!) instead of taking responsibility for skin HEALTH and making the effort on our own. Soapbox again, pardon.

I don't think having a lot of money will solve your problems! Tori Spelling could've afforded the best and had an inside track to who to go to, but she apparently had a "surgical misadventure" with her implants.

Even the best plastic surgeons make grievous errors! Surgery is not the answer to everything guys! It doesn't come with a guarantee!

to Freddy and DL...and that answers my question about "What comes after Veteran?"'s ELITE!!

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1 - 5 of 69 Posts
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