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Jennifer Aniston skincare secret!!

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Hey guys,

Just heard on the news this morning that Jennifer Aniston is 40 today and yet she looks so young and gorgeous!!
I wonder if anyone can share her secrets of looking so young at her age?!
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I dont think she looks any good for her age, courtney cox seem to look much better, but thats just my opinion, some people have great skin too and have never used an anti aging product in there life sometimes i think these products can do more harm than good, things like excersise eg yoga and just living well and happy can give you great skin, my great aunt who is 85 looks great for her age and doubt very much she has ever used anti aging product in her life!!

Dont worry be happy!!

Money gets you the best skin treatments, makeup artists, cosmetic surgeons, etc.

But yet it's funny how bad some of these celebs look when paparazzi catch them candid.
Wise word Susan, just coming back from LA in september it amazed me how many people strive to look good there and spend so much money on products, most of the time do they really look any better for it either, famous people are no better or worse looking than the rest of us!:
You know what I may not take her fame but Id take MS cox money any time! I have to say though even with the botox still think simon cowell looks great in the face area, the pants are another thing he he ha!!!!!!!!!!
1 - 3 of 69 Posts
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