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Job Hurts Skin

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I recently started a new job in Center City Philadelphia, and have noticed that since then my skin has appeared less than perfect. Not to brag, but my skin never gave me any problems until recently. I want to look good and presentable at work, but my pores are clogged and I feel like my skin is always greasy. I end up concentrating more on my appearance than my work. My mother mentioned to me that since this is my first time spending so much time the city, and since I?ve lived in the suburbs my whole life, that maybe my skin was not used to all of the pollution. Could that be true, does anyone know?
I do not typically wear a lot of makeup, but since my skin has started acting this way, I have been wearing more makeup more frequently.
When I go to bed at night I wash my face with soap and water, but I notice that I still have makeup on my face. Makeup staying on my face all night long is probably not helping my bad skin situation. A friend told me to use cleansing milks or lotions to get the makeup off my face. Does anyone else use cleansers or toners for that purpose?
I am currently using a cleansing milk to remove my makeup daily and a light skin peel, by Reviva, as suggested by my friend. I began using the cleansing milk to get my makeup off and it has been working. I can now tell that soap was not properly cleaning my face. I also used the skin peel and it made my skin feel a lot better right away.
Does anyone else have any other suggestions as to how to improve my skin?
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I use a toner to get residual makeup off my skin. Then follow with a moisturizer.
Cleanse, tone, moisturize. Definitely don't go to bed with makeup on.
Yes. Skin care routine is a must. Just make sure for a facial wash twice daily (morning and before going to bed). After that, apply a rejuvenationg toner in order to clean the dirt inside the skin pores and to neutralize the bacteria. Then, use a natural moisturizer.
I think it has all been said above.
Working in the city, will take its toll
on your skin,
I worked in london for 2 years, It was a nightmare on my skin.
Another tip, try to stay away from cleansers and toners that contain
high amounts of acohol. this will not help..
Good luck.
You already posted this post back in March 1, SPAMMER.
I just looked back on my posts.. I thought you meant me !!
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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