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John Masters organics any good?

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Does anyone have first hand experience with the John Masters Organics line of products? I want to give them a try, but like to hear from somebody with first hand experience.

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Yes, I tried them and didn't care much for them.

I invested in quite a few items in the line:
Rose Foaming Wash
Rose & Aloe Hydrating Mist
Rose & Apricot Antioxidant Day Cream
Both Masks
Lip Calm
Blood Orange & Vanilla Body Wash
Blood Orange & Vanilla Body Milk
Herbal Cider Rinse+Clarifier
Shampoo For Dry Hair with Evening Primrose
Zinc and Sage Shampoo and Conditioner (2 in 1)
Honey and Hibiscus Hair Reconstructor
Lavender and Avocado Intensive Conditioner
Citrus and Neroli Detangler

I really tried to stick with this line since I obviously spent so much money in buying almost the complete line but unfortunately it just did not meet my expectations. I never saw any real results with the face products. I even had a weird reaction to them. My face began to have a weird texture to it and I broke out with white heads.

The body wash never left my body feeling clean it was way too gentle and although the Body Milk smells yummy it was just never enough for my body skin type.

The shampoos I would definitely not recommend for longhaired, thick curly haired, or even color treated hair girls. It leaves your hair very dry and straw like. It leaves it a real tangled mess.
The conditioners on the other hand are a lot better. They do soften the mangled mess but seem to only be effective while they are on your hair in the shower but once they’re washed out it all goes down the drain-literally. I would recommend the conditioners above any of the other products for shorter to maybe shoulder length hair types who want a nice natural conditioner with no expectations and not too much fuss.

If you want to try the line and form your own opinion you can find them at Beauty Brands: Makeup, Perfume, Skin Care and Hair Care Products at and I just saw that some of the Whole Foods Markets are carrying some of the line.

I know this is a long response but I had to tell of my own experience with the line. One line I am really enjoying right now as far as body products and a few face products too is Talulah Natural Skin Care: Talulah Natural Skin Care :: Portland, Oregon
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You are welcome I love to help others out.

I am truthful in my own findings and opinions but at the same time I always tell someone they should try it for themselves.

You may end up liking it more than i did right?

You can check out some of my reviews too they're helpful and I try to be fair as well as honest
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