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Just had a free ultra variable pulsed light system treatment!!!!

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Hey everyone,
I went to a local clinic to have veinwave work done to remove a couple of thread veins from my nose. however the Doctor convinced me to try VPL light treatment giving me a free session. Im trying to gather information about this and it seems a better alternative to laser resurfacing. I have a little rosacea on my cheeks and nose aswell and even after one go I can see pretty spectacular improvements. it appears to need three months and at least 5 treatments to fully work. This will cost 375.00 English pounds for the 5 trips in total. What do people think/know about VPL and is that a good price probably equates to $700.00. It stung slightly and feels a little bit like mild sunburn (its now the day after procedure). I would really appreciate some knowledegable feedback and Im happy to answer any low level questions anyone has.
Many thanks guys x x x
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If you can afford it and it's something you are seeing results with then I say go for it.

I'm glad you went to a clinic but becareful to not over do it on the harsh products if you are having these type of procedures done.

I have thought about laser many times but I am TOO SCARED to go through w/it. The closest I've ever gotten to any procedure was with a series of microdermabrasions.

It wasn't all that worth it. I only saw the real result the very first time-after that there was no notable difference.

Just make sure you do your homework and don't get too procedure happy. After all you've only got one face and you need to take good care of it and respect it.
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