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Hey everyone,
I went to a local clinic to have veinwave work done to remove a couple of thread veins from my nose. however the Doctor convinced me to try VPL light treatment giving me a free session. Im trying to gather information about this and it seems a better alternative to laser resurfacing. I have a little rosacea on my cheeks and nose aswell and even after one go I can see pretty spectacular improvements. it appears to need three months and at least 5 treatments to fully work. This will cost 375.00 English pounds for the 5 trips in total. What do people think/know about VPL and is that a good price probably equates to $700.00. It stung slightly and feels a little bit like mild sunburn (its now the day after procedure). I would really appreciate some knowledegable feedback and Im happy to answer any low level questions anyone has.
Many thanks guys x x x
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