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Kassy_A's KickAss C+E ferulic serum

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Kassy's C+E ferulic serum

What you need for 1oz C,E, Ferulic 15%;
- 2 glass shot glasses
- 1oz cobalt or amber dropper or pump bottle
- 1 tsp L-Ascorbic Acid
- 1/4 tsp (1 ml) Vitamin E (equals 1%)
- .5% of Ferulic Acid (1 good pinch)
- 2 tsp SKB (Sea Kelp Bioferment)
- 3 + 1/2 tsp of distilled water
- 1/2 tsp of vodka (don't laugh, you need it to dissolve the FA so it's not gritty, and it also keeps the ph low enough!)

What to do;

- In first shot glass, put 1 tsp C into the 3 + 1/2 tsp of distilled water. Put on the side, stirring occasionally till FULLY dissolved (This can be anywhere from 10 minutes to an hour, so have patience.)

- In 2nd shot glass put in 1/2 tsp vodka, and sprinkle the FA in and mix. (Little formulator spatulas are great for this!) When it has dissolved fully, add in the vitamin E + SKB and stir it all up well.

- When the LAA has fully dissolved in the 1st shot glass, mix the contents of both glasses together, stir very well, and carefully pour into your 1oz bottle.

Keeping it in a cool dry, dark place, or fridge will keep it potent + stable!

Ingredients available @ or most online DIY suppliers.

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My goodness! I just signed on and NY is still up talking skin care. Isn't it like 12:40pm in the UK? Go get your beauty rest, girl!
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Drama does anyone want to swap places with me at the moment i want to get away from the drama? Yes im being serious!
No way!! You are one of the main characters! You are irreplaceable NY!!
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Since I can't find a seperate place to post DIY recipe's, I figured I'd put this new one I just came up with here... (Cross posting from my thread at EDS..) PRE-TREATMENT SERUM FOR LED USE
Thanks Kassy for sharing your formulation with us!
Quote: Originally Posted by hazysky

I'm learning so much reading threads and posts. I wish I could order everything from one site, but it looks like the ferulic acid is out of stock on some of the sites and some don't seem to carry the sea kelp bioferment.

I had the same problem. I ordered things from 3 different sites and had the Canadian Customs folks on alert I am sure (I live in Toronto).

Quote: Originally Posted by

Also, has anyone had any staining/bleaching issues with this serum if it happens to get on clothing? I was thinking of putting this in a spray bottle and I wanted to make sure this would be ok. Thanks for all the advice!

Yes - I had some staining and have not yet figured out rather it is oxidized Vitamin C or sloughed off skin, but I had an orange ring around my collar and waistband of my gym shorts. It was washed out fine for me, but a friend with more delicate clothing is having problems removing the stains. If your clothing is fragile you might want to take extra precautions. I still swear by how good it is to exfoliate your skin, not to mention the antioxidant benefits. Here is the link where we discussed this problem earlier on this site - see especially posts #28-31.
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Quote: Originally Posted by IluvNY

Hi just wondering if i was to order the ferulic as an antioxident for me skin and leave out the absorbic acid and replace this say with a mulitvitmain capsules or powder, whatever you guys think is best really? Keeping though to the recepie given above would this be possible to do?

NY - I think that it is more important to keep the ascorbic acid in the serum. Why would you want to drop it? The ferulic acid is a wonderful ingredient that can be added to boost the serum.

I would not add an oral multivitamin to the topical serum - (i) it has ingredients that are probably not absorbed into the skin; (ii) it has fillers that probably will not dissolve; remember, it is for this very reason that we do not just use oral vitamin C to make the serum but instead use the pure stuff - no fillers, starch, etc.

Quote: Originally Posted by

What is lecithin capsules meant to do? Would you recomend always adding these when using a vit e capsules? Normally i just use my vit e capsules on there own!

I also just add the vitamin E on its own - which is fine. Fawnie's point is that adding the lecithin to the E before adding it to the serum seems to help the dispersion of the E. The serum is an aqueous one and so the vitamin E oil will not dissolve - it must be dispersed - and so we shake like crazy to make sure that it does. I have not used the lecithin but presume that it just makes this dispersion easier and results in a more consistent product.
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Mirecka the reason why im not using vit c is cause i have been getting a lot of exfoliation witht the GC lev 6 and am not wanting to put any more acidic products onto my face cause i think it damages my skin by the over exfoliation!
Oh. Maybe you just need to slow down a bit with the C serum. I was using it too frequently on my neck and had to slow down too. Maybe daily use is too much for you, or maybe you need a lower concentration of C. I would hate for you to give up the C altogether - it makes more sense to me to slow down the pace. Here is where input from the other users would be helpful.

You should remember that ferulic is also an acid - FERULIC ACID, so like any acid it will have an exfoliant effect on your skin. You may be jumping from the frying pan into the fire! Proceed with caution!
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