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Kassy_A's KickAss C+E ferulic serum

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Kassy's C+E ferulic serum

What you need for 1oz C,E, Ferulic 15%;
- 2 glass shot glasses
- 1oz cobalt or amber dropper or pump bottle
- 1 tsp L-Ascorbic Acid
- 1/4 tsp (1 ml) Vitamin E (equals 1%)
- .5% of Ferulic Acid (1 good pinch)
- 2 tsp SKB (Sea Kelp Bioferment)
- 3 + 1/2 tsp of distilled water
- 1/2 tsp of vodka (don't laugh, you need it to dissolve the FA so it's not gritty, and it also keeps the ph low enough!)

What to do;

- In first shot glass, put 1 tsp C into the 3 + 1/2 tsp of distilled water. Put on the side, stirring occasionally till FULLY dissolved (This can be anywhere from 10 minutes to an hour, so have patience.)

- In 2nd shot glass put in 1/2 tsp vodka, and sprinkle the FA in and mix. (Little formulator spatulas are great for this!) When it has dissolved fully, add in the vitamin E + SKB and stir it all up well.

- When the LAA has fully dissolved in the 1st shot glass, mix the contents of both glasses together, stir very well, and carefully pour into your 1oz bottle.

Keeping it in a cool dry, dark place, or fridge will keep it potent + stable!

Ingredients available @ or most online DIY suppliers.

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NY, I would definitely order some pH strips as long as you are placing the order. You do need to make sure the serum is 3.5 pH or less or it will not work.

Keep it in the frig to maintain freshness. The frig lite will go off when you close the door. You could decant a small amount into a smaller bottle and keep it in your dark cool cabinet in the bathroom - decant only what you will use in a week so it is fresh.

Yeup, cheap vodka is fine. It is ethanol. Don't get the flavored kind!

Good luck!!

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I wont thanks fawnie il let you know how the experimenting goes! Im gonna test out on my boyfriend to start with anyway he he
If he will let you! Bear in mind that vit E is not good for oily skin as it will make it too greasy. Leave out the vit E for him if he is oily or blemished!

Then you will both be beautiful!! yeup, guys like to be pampered too, don't they!

It's an obsession with some of us. Nite and day. Day and nite....

bumping it up for all to see!

(she thinks we don't have drama!)

I was just kidding! This place is packed with drama!

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Since I can't find a seperate place to post DIY recipe's, I figured I'd put this new one I just came up with here... (Cross posting from my thread at EDS..)


3oz distilled water
1 TBS AHA cream (I use Alpha Hydroxy Souffle, but I guess any would do)
1 TBS SKB (Sea Kelp Bioferment)
1/2 tsp HA (Hyaluronic Acid)
1/4 tsp Green Tea Extract (optional but nice)

Gently warm the water in the microwave for 5 or 6 seconds and set aside.

Mix the HA + Green Tea into the SKB, add that mixture to the AHA cream, then very gradually add the water, while stirring constntly.

For those of you who use and are well conditioned to copper peptides, it would be a good addition to this serum in a very small quantity..(like drops, not spoonfuls.. )

So that's it Kiddie's... Have fun, and may the *light* be with you!
Thanks Kassy!!! Would it be good if we had a DIY thread? There are no "stickie" like before. You could suggest it on the Comments thread!

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I think the vitamin E oil would be a nice addition to your vit C serum - it would counteract the dryness very well and give you some glow!

Here's something to think about: most of the bulk ferulic acid I'm finding online is sourced from China. Which makes me nervous. I don't think I need that kind of trouble - with potential contaminants. Does anyone know of any ferulic that DOESN'T come from China for sure?

Maybe it is overreacting on my part, but holymoly! the list never ends of horror stories of products from China!
Thanks for the article Baby. And I'll keep checking Rat.

BTW, Baby - I read on iHerb's reviews of Acetyl L-carnitine that it should be taken w/ALA to protect the mitochondria. Have you heard that too?

"9 of 9 people found the following review helpful
Without ALA, Acetyl Carnitine is dangerous, December 20, 2007
By Rick Weiss from Idaho
Acetyl Carnitine makes it easier for your mitochondria to use fat for fuel, and in so doing, increases the amount of free radicals created. Studies in rats showed damage to the mitochondria as a result, which was neutralized when ALA was added to hand out electrons to the additional free radicals created. Super Oxide Dismutase is the mitochondria's natural free radical neutralizer, and is also available from Source Nautrals, but shouldn't be taken as often as ALA. I take one twice a week, so as not to discourage its natural production. Companies selling Acetyl Carnitine without adding Alpha Lipoic Acid are irresponsible and are increasing energy in the short run, but accelerating the aging process by damaging mitochondria. Carnitine Fumarate is a more conservative way to increase mitochondrial production. I alternate between them." (quote from

Is this true?

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Oh! Pardon me! It's just all the supplements I'm taking! I hardly eat real food anymore!

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Thats cool normally the girls at the helf food shop are pretty good so il just check with them its ok to, hey though you sure know more than me so that is a great thing anyways, how i dunno how else i would get all my good info.
NY, between putting everything in the world on your face and taking every supplement in the store, when are you going to have time for your boyfriend?
Plus it gets very expensive! Start out slowly!

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Welcome! Hey that's great you want to start DIY! I warn you: it's addicting once you see all the nice stuff you can make way cheap!

If you want to use HA, I would use it instead of the Sea Kelp Bioferment, but it could make the pH more acidic (lower). The lower the more irritating it could be. Just keep checking the pH as you add the HA. Plus, make sure the HA is well diluted before adding it since it can suck moisture OUT of your skin instead of attracting moisture To it if it's in the wrong ratio. That's why I use the SKB instead. Too hard to figure out the HA ratio.

It will keep for about a month in the frig, but if you use it on face, neck, chest and hands you will use it up before it goes bad. Be lavish with it! It's cheap!

You would know it's gone over if the pH rises above 3.5. I don't check the pH every time I use it - only at the end of the bottle to find out how long it will last. Just for my own curiosity. You read the discussion that the pH has to be below 3.5 for the C to be absorbed by the skin, right!?

This is easier that yu think, but do get the UltraFine L-ascorbic acid if you can. The stuff I got from took forever to dissolve! My ferulic dissolved fine without the vodka to dissolve it. I didn't want to add alcohol anyway.

Let us know here how it turns out! Welcome to the zoo!

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Yes, Mireckca has had a problem with staining of clothing using a vitamin C body spray.
I agree, a dropper bottle is easier to control for facial use.

You can make a C+E serum while you wait for your ferulic! Go ahead - you will use it up quickly. I am very lavish with my serum and go thru a 30ml bottle every 2 weeks. By then the ferulic should be available again!

I guess everyone is making C+E+ferulic this spring. Good!

No! 30 ml is just for my face, neck, chest, and hands!
The arms, legs, butt, abdo, etc, get there own version with more rosehip seed oil!
It goes fast and it's cheap so use it up!

Hi Saklig!
You are going to make it yourself....excellent!
Yes, a shot glass is the same as a liquor measuring shot glass - for vodka!

The bottles that I use have a medicine dropper in the cap.
Like this:
Cobalt Blue Boston Round Glass Bottle 1 oz w/ Dropper - 1oz DROPPER

Be sure to get one that is dark glass so that the light doesn't degrade the solution. Let us know how you do with it!!!

I now add the contents of a lecithin capsule (available at health food stores) to the vitamin E before adding it in to disperse the oil better.

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Sounds good, NY. Which essential oils are yu thinking of using? Some are not good for use directly on the skin.

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