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Hi, I am looking for an all natural, even organic product with no chemicals or fillers. Does Kimberly Sayer products work?

What else works real well that is natural?

I am 58 and am getting, you know, the old wrinkles, etc. would like to know what to get to reverse these if possible.

anyone out there knowledgeable about Sayer or others of top quiality without all the chemicals?

Thanks, Bobbie

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Hi bobbie Jerome,

Welcome! I understand about wanting to avoid chemicals! There are many things to do:

>Use organic oils, each of which has different properties and can help with different problems for different types of skin.

>Make your own. I make my own vitamin C+E+ferulic acid serum. It's cheap, it's pure, and it's easy. I use it with my Retin-A that I get online for $2USD per tube. This combination is more effective than any of the wrinkle creams you can buy.

>Dr Hauschka products are free of petrochemicals, preservatives, fillers and coloring agents. I have never used Kimberly Sayer. has reviews of many products and might be a good source of info too.

Hope this might help you in some way.

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