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hey gurrllllll hook me up wth one of your creations
lol i have a few but if we stick to the Kojic Acid on this thread. Personally i have since switched from Kocic acid soap to African black soap with extra added exfoliants eg oatmeal etc.
to make KoJic acid soap you need the following:

1.Kojic acid powder
2.water (to dissolve your KA)
3.Essential oil of choice ( I use carrot seed essential oil for KA soap)
4.1 lb soap base ( i'll leave a link below on the ones i use regularly)
5.Fresh Papaya puree or simply food color ( i use color)
6.Rubbing Alcohol
7.A silicon mold ( to mold your soap)

Take 1 teaspoon KA Powder put it in a microwaveable glass container, add 4 tablespoons of water.
Take another container with hot water in it, place your glass container with your KA + Water mix in it so it can dissolve properly
Take your soap base ( having already cut it in pieces and placed it in a microwaveable glass bowl) Place this in the microwave for 1 min tops to melt.
Now that you have your melted soap base, add your dissolved KA and stir the mix, while stirring add your food color or if you're the "organic" type add your papaya puree, stir that together
Add a few drops of your essential oil (in my case i use carrot seed oil 10-20 drops) into your melted soap mix stir some more.
Take your silicon mold and pour your freshly prepared soap into it.
Once done take your rubbing alcohol and spray it on your soap so you can loose the bubbles that have foamed in the mix once poured in the silicon mould.
Let your soap cool for 6 hours or freeze it if you don't have the patience.
Unmold your soap and its ready to use.

This might look like a lot of work but you probably will only need to do it once every two months since you can make 6-8 bars of soap at once.

List of products:

Thanks for sharing @RKB I'm slowly jumping on the diy train
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