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Hello SCT. I hope all is well. I'm in desperate need of your help.

Last week I decided to do 90% LA Peel on my bottom lip, to hopefully restore it back to it's original pink color. After applying the application, I washed it off with cold water, waited a few days, and saw no results.

So I decided to apply the LA again, then the following day, my lip started to peel like crazy

I started to notice every time i moved my lips, it felt like I was ripping my skin off, so I used vitamin e oil, which helped a lot.

Few days later, the peeling successful completed, and now my lips are left like this:

Notice the white stripes....

Any advice on what should I do? Is those white lines permanent? After doing my research, many people found success doing LA peels on their lips, and some recommended to never do so. Either way, I need your guys help, and I hope you have a wonderful day
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