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Lactic Acid Lotions

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Someone told me that lotions with 10% Lactic Acid are good for smoothing patchy skin. Could you please give me the names of such lotions?
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I actually use a cystic ance serum that contains Lactic Acid which I really like.

It's by Renee Rouleau Skin Care. You can find it and many very nice products at: Renee Rouleau Skin Care - For Beautiful Skin

I used her products for a very long time and really liked them. Take a look at the site and see if you might find something.
My god, there are so many beauty products out there. I swear, there are at least one million websites that sell beauty products to women.

But bad cat, that looks like a great website.
I know - that's why when I find something I like, I have a hard time switching!
I have used Mary Kay for years now. Shortly after I started using the products, I became a consultant...and now a few years later, I'm really into the natural minerals...but for skin care, I love MK. It's so hard to know what's best for your own skin without experimenting.
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Yeah, I like Mary Kay products also. They have this facial lotion which I liked a lot.
They have the regular line and the TimeWise line and then the intense moisturizers... Let me know if you ever want anything... I am happy to give new customers a discount.
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The RR line is really neat b/c they cater to your own individual needs.

It's cool b/c you find what it is you're dealing with and they customize a personal regimen for you to follow.

It helped me out a lot. But b/c of my very weird sensitivites that can come out of no where even w/something I've used for years (like in this case) I had to stop using the line.

I still use a couple of RR things that work wonders.
Any other suggestions?
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