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Laser treatment for sunspots

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Has anyone done laser treatment for sunspots?
I tried cryotherapy (freezing the area using liquid nitrogen) and it left the area worse. The spots are bigger and darker which makes my face look so bad. I don't want to see anyone with these huge spots on my face.
So now I feel I have to do something else to get rid of these spots.
Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.
Thank you!
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I've never encountered anyone who used cryotherapy for sunspots. That's normally used for skin tags around here.

Go see a cosmetic surgeon in your area. I've seen decent results from lasers, but I've seen really great results from chemical peels. You need to talk to a doctor who has lots of experience with your skin type before committing to anything as costly and dramatic as a laser treatment or chemical peel.
Fraxel Laser is a great option for treating individuals spots. Laser peel is also a good option but you may want to get low depth treatments that will require multiple visits (deep laser peel can require quite a bit of recuperation)
Thanks for response. I've been going to a dermatologist and have done chemicals peels twice but have had no significant difference (except for smooth skin
. I understand that it will take a few more, but having done them twice now and not seeing any difference makes me wonder.
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dnk789, Check the "Spectra-peel" laser !!! I am considering it myself. I have read about it and talked to many dermatologists. This is the ONE for spots and many people are happy with the results only after the 1st treatment !!!
I second the fraxel laser approach. YAG laser is another option as well if you are fair skinned.
I did the fraxel with great results, but it took several sessions. There is a new laser called "Pearl" which my Beverly Hills derm-to-the-stars swears by. Good luck. Who knew that the sun is so very much not our friend?
I read about this new laser treatment; Pearl, but does anybody have any experience with it? It's supposed to be good for everything, right? - Sunspots, Acne, anti-aging...

And also, does anybody know what the prices are, and if you need more treatments?

Thanks :)
I had some simple yet effective IPL done on my cheeks and nose. It cost much less than fraxel yet I had a really great result. I have read that fraxel is only necessary if you have really deep melasma, otherwise it is overkill and expensive as well. By the way, do you really believe there is one "laser" treatment that will solve all the issues of aging? This is usually just marketing hype to confuse the consumer.
Hi, I was thinking about Fraxel and spoke to several people who'd had the treatment. The general opinion wasn't very positive with the main comment being "The results are not worth the cost" also downtime afterwards. I chose to have IPL and the results on my pigmentation/ sun damage has been fantastic. Some areas needed three treatments, fading each time. Had a bit of a problem with my last IPL which has left me with a blister but I gather from this site that this is rare. Hope this helps? x
Hi, I am having IPL done on my sunspots (face). I have had 2 treatments so far. So far it has worked brilliantly and within days of the treatment. I did not have any problems with burning but I do believe you have to be careful with choosing a good operator. Most of my sunspots went almost immediately (within days). 2 others are being more stubborn. My operator says that IPL also reactivates collagen.

I second the fraxel laser approach. YAG laser is another option as well if you are fair skinned.
Hi stranger !

I posted a several months ago after having IPL for sunspots and thread veins. I've now had 7 treatments about 4 -6 weeks apart and the results are fantastic. My dark brown pigmentation has either gone completely or faded dramatically. My skin looks even and fresher. I am delighted with the results. Hope this helps anybody thinking of having IPL.
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