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Lead in lipstick

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What's the deal? Are we over reacting to the studies that show lead in lipstick is dangerous? how much lipsteak lead does one have to eat where it becomes problematic? How much lead did they feed the mice?
I don't get it. We put pollutants in our body and on our body more often than we care to think about. Is this just another hysteria created by the media? For sure I am not going to throw away my Ruby Silk lipstick.

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that is the MOSt ridiculous thing i have ever heard! I dont even think all the lipstick I own in a lifetime (full tubes) would weigh that much! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!
Wow - 54 pounds in a lifetime! Yikes!

Let's say that she ingests 1 pound per year for 54 years (ages 18-72). That's 16 oz per year or 1.33 oz per month. Yikes!

The typical tube of lipstick is .12 oz - just scanning the Sephora website at a variety of brands. This means that a typical woman must ingest 11 tubes or so in order to hit the 1.33 oz monthly diet. This would be almost 3 tubes a week, or one every other day! Yikes!

And since the study is for an average woman - it includes some not wearing any at all, some wearing less than the average, and others wearing more than the average. Can you imagine - some gals are eating more than 11 tubes a month. Yikes! Better stay with the natural products, I suppose!
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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