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Lead in lipstick

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What's the deal? Are we over reacting to the studies that show lead in lipstick is dangerous? how much lipsteak lead does one have to eat where it becomes problematic? How much lead did they feed the mice?
I don't get it. We put pollutants in our body and on our body more often than we care to think about. Is this just another hysteria created by the media? For sure I am not going to throw away my Ruby Silk lipstick.

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I know lead can be very harmful, my bf was in contact with lead for most of his life and now he has serious health concern, when you are young, you may laugh at this but it will catch you up later. He has most of these symptoms:

Lead can harm the nervous system, kidneys and other major organs. Anemia, a decline in red blood cells, can occur, as well as damage to the nervous system that may impair mental function. At worst, lead poisoning can cause seizures or death.

"Just by way of comparison," Cooper told Marketplace, "the amount of lead that can start to cause developmental problems in a child's brain is the amount of lead you can put on the head of pin."

CBC Marketplace: Lead
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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