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Hi everyone,
I'm new - nice to meet you all.

I searched for Leaf and Rusher in the forums and came up with nothing, but I do apologize if this is a repeat topic.

Does anyone use Leaf & Rusher? I started using it when the store I work for gave me the mini-essentials kit (with the green tea wash, the Tx Formula, and the Tx Night Formula). I sampled the Active Serum and I love it. Problem is a.) it's pretty expensive and b.) my store is actually getting rid of the brand all together (and it's not even going on sale first!!)

I haven't been using it for long - maybe a month now - but I've found the Active Serum is the only one (that I've tried) that doesn't make my face feel oily to the touch.

I can't have my face feeling or looking oily as I already have combination skin that is acne prone.

I've tried Ren's Rose Synergy (but again with the oiliness). The only other serums I've found are made for dry skin.

If anyone has heard of an alternative retinol/vitamin A based serum for most skin types, by all means let me know.

Thanks everyone!
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