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basically what the title says. ive seen some people on here talk about using lemon juice mixed with honey to lighten up their skin and they said it was successful and they jumped shades. how true is this, and how many shades can you jump? i heard honey can create hydrogen peroxide, will this mixture mess your skin up? bc i know hp is bad for skin releasing free radicals.

i have used lemon (literally straight up lemon) before on my face at one point and was rubbing it and the juice all over and in just a couple days my mom was shook bc she was like "wow your face is so much brighter and glowing what are u using???" i was like girllll just a regular old LEMON! 😭 she said she saw a huge difference but i didnt see it. if anything i guess it brightened me but she was like no you look lighter. idk i def have lightorexia tho so i can never tell anything when it comes to my skin. but yeah let me know if you guys have ever used lemon or honey or both together and if it has worked and made a difference for you. i guess it would be great if it actually did something since its literally all natural!
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