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Let's update on what is working for you now

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I know that we talk about a lot of different products, but I am sure that we are all interested to know what everyone is using that is giving you results at the moment.

For me at the moment, I am back using makari. I say "back" , as I used it before but had a bad reaction. I rarely have porblems with my skin, but this product gave me a really bad area of spots aound the base of my nose and on my chin. It gave great lightening but I thought that my skin looked so congested that this wasn't worth me continuing to use it.

I then went back to using it a few months ago and combatted the skin problems by avoiding the areas where I had problems before by using a retin A to help combat any spots. I also use the makari clear acnyl on these areas. Touch wood, this has worked for me and whilst I am loking for something else that gives me lightening results, I will keep up this regime.

Personally because I know that makari can give problems, I would not whole heartedly recommend it, but I know that it does give lightening.

Let us know what is working for you..........
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I bought the likas soap and it hasnt done jack for me as far as lightening goes. It just leaves my skin very dry and it has given me blackheads on my back, chest, and face.

I know the main point of it is to exfoliate and let the creams soak in better, but I havent really noticed anything.

Im just trying to get rid of spots, not lighten my whole face/body so I'm saving up for some laser treatements and some HQ 4.0
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