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My Name is Chris. I am 28 years of age and am a knowledgeable member of the life extension and rejuvenation scene. I am active on the forum at imminst and I attended SENS4 in Cambridge UK.

I live in Perth, Western Australia and by trade i'm a self-employed call-out computer technician but sometimes I work in IT help desk jobs for larger companies. Apart from IT my second calling is biotechnology and I pursue this interest mostly in my own time.

I am here because I am interested in building up communication and co-operation between web based communities and I am interested in gathering information for a website that I operate called Rejuvepedia which is an encyclopedia about rejuvenating the human body on an organ by organ and system by system basis. The website is a wiki site built on mediawiki.

The information I am seeking in particular is to be about rejuvenating the integumentary system of the human body.

The website is still being developed but will require an active community and co-operation with other communities such as this one to become a success.

I am also on the look-out for other wiki sites that might like to share content and co-author articles using open source collaboration methods.

Thank you and I hope to see many online communities working together for co-operation and mutual benefit.

best regards,

Chris Caston
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