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Lip Scrubbing

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Just like people scrub their skin to make it soft, would you recommend gently scrubbing the lips to make them soft and plump?
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I read it in a magazine. I usually do it every so often after getting out of the shower. I usually use a warm/hot wet towel and swipe a few times and they end up so kissable! Just the other day when I picked up my little brother from school, he asked "Do you always have something on your lips bcuz they sure are shiny!" It made me laugh. My purse is full of lip balms, glosses, and all sorts of stuff. Ppl who know me always say, "There you are putting on make-up again." But its just me re-applying lip balm or gloss to keep them hydrated.
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I scrub them to keep them from getting dry and get dead skin off - but I've never seen it work for plumping them up! Definitely apply a balm after scrubbing them so they don't dry out!
I use a lip mask and then a balm, works great! I have a bad habit of picking at my lips so now I try to keep them exfoliated (with the lip mask) so there is nothing to pick at.
I just use my toothbrush to exfoliate my lips but I have never heard that it plumps them up! I could see that happening if you scrubbed the heck out of them, then ya that would for sure plump em up, lol.
vtoodler, you really want plump lips? I totally hate mine!
Actually, I want soft lips. Being black, my lips are pretty plump naturally.
I use the Exfoliating Skin Towel from The Body Shop to scrub my lips. I swear I LOVE that towel. I use it for different exfoliation needs. Then use either the Clinique Super Balm or the Clarins Moisture Replenishing Lip Balm.

I use this treatment and it really leaves my lips soft and hydrated plus they give a soft gloss effect that can double as a clear gloss or not. I use either at night and don't worry about it getting everywhere while I sleep.
I have a lip scrub I use on occasion, but I'm a big lip balm person, so my lips don't tend to get bad....heck maybe they just naturally do what they are suppose to???? But I will when needed.
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