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I don't know about you ladies, but when I lightened before, I was sick of buying make up after make up.

Luckily for me, I was able to find an additional shade with my undertone. I kept my original foundation, then had another bottle that was 3 or so shades lighter for mixing. I had a small container to keep my mix in. The lighter I got, the more of the lighter shade I mixed in. This saves time and money, as it's annoying running through all that make up. I recommend sticking with the same brand.

1 bottle/container of your current color
1 bottle/container of your future or close to future color
1 mixing container
As you get lighter, add a little of your future color to your current color and mix.

Maybe try Sally's or somewhere for a tube-like container, unless you use Lorea'l or something where you can wash an older one out and use that for the mixing.

I hope this helps someone! :.)


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I am not trying to lighten, but I have always had to mix my colors. I usually mix my winter with my summer to have that perfect in between color. I usually just use one pump of each and mix that up and apply!

Glad you do the same GoddessOfEarth-
Finding the perfect foundation color is not an easy task!
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