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Posted 6/9/10 • Last updated 2/4/14 • 458 views • 0 comments

Vinegar toner (to tone the skin, or as a hair rinse)

I originally posted it on the apple cider vinegar thread, but you can use most other kinds of vinegar if you like (many people like to use red wine vinegar too). Basic recipe. There are different proportions.
  • I think a good proportion is 1/4 to 1/2 teaspoon vinegar in an ounce. Some recipes go up to a teaspoon or more in an ounce.
  • Instead of distilled/spring water, you can use other liquids like aloe, hydrosols, infusions (herbal teas) etc.
  • This is for either the face toner or the hair rinse. Vinegar toners work for most people (unless your skin is super picky like mine).

Shelf life on this is very short (once you add the water, aloe, hydrosol, etc to the vinegar) from days to a week or two to sometimes longer, it depends on what you add and the proportions. So make only small amounts, refrigerate if you can (this will help maintain shelf life) or store in a cool place, and don't store in the bathroom (since that will greatly lessen shelf life), and use within a few days for best results. If you want a longer shelf life, add a broad spectrum preservative.

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