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little bumps near either side of nose-what is this?

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I can't figure it out. I have little bumps-about the size of the top of a pin and smaller-on the left and right side of my nose. Not on my nose, but right next to it. The area is just bumpy. And slightly reddened. It is a small area on each side-no more than one inch by one inch. They are not itchy or flakey. They just are visually unappealing. My skin tone is olive, so they are not super bright or anything. The rest of the skin on my cheeks is very nice-soft, even colored, no bumps and I never get pimples. My skin type would lean more towards dry.

I have had this for at least a couple of years. The only time it went away was once when I was pregnant. Around that time I also started using a new product on it called Zit Stick by Reviva Labs. I got it in a health food store and it includes tea tree oil, sulpher, zinc oxide and salicyclic acid. I was so happy because I thought I finally found the solution. But a few months later, they came back and zit stick never helped again.

I have been constantly breastfeeding or pregnant since I have had this, so it could be hormonal? I also have a thyroid disorder.

It doesn't look like milia or seem to fit rosasea too much (though I haven't researched it much, so I could be wrong).. Definitely not pimples... what is it????

Also, right when I wake up, it seems much milder. But shortly thereafter, it springs back and stays all day, every day.

I have always used minimal products on my face. Usually Dr. Bronners soap, and that is it. No facial makeup. Don't have to use moisturizer often, but when I do it is usually natural and organic. Lately I started using honey and coconut oil.

Thanks for reading this oh so exciting novel about my face!
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Are these not blackheads you're talking about?

Post a picture so we can better see what the deal is.
Use something with salysaltic acid at 2% or glycolic acid up to 5%, it it is indeed blackheads.
They could be deep rooted in-grown hairs too.
Thanks everyone! I don't see anything black on them at all though. Maybe blackheads don't need to be black headed? I can't find my camera right now, but as soon as I do I will post pics.
They are black because oxygen oxidizes the heads.
perhaps it is dry skin? apply some good moisturizer and see what happens
they sound like closed comedones which in translation means closed blackheads. Closed blackheads are not black because they are not open to the air. They are pretty difficult to get rid of.

get into a regular exfoliating regimen if you dont already. exfoliate 2-3 times a week and also put baking soda mixed with water on the area every night before going to bed in a week or so gently apply pressure. if they dont come out the first time dont worry, keep doing the baking soda and applying gentle pressure. They will probably take a while to loosen up enough to come out because the pore has been impacted for a long time probably.
You can also consider to visit a beautician .. maybe she can help you to get rid of them ...
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