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Looking for sound advice.

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Hello All, currently I am using ilike products and my pores are rather large and black in places, yuck! Unfortunately I suffer from some adult acne. I research and see that I need, some sort of acid in my cleanser? Oil free moisturizer with vitamins a, c, and e and sunscreen? I have read places that if your cleanser burns your eyes it is too strong? Mine burns!!! What else helps, any product recommendations?
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You can use glycolic acid or salicylic acid to help clean your pores. I don't know who told you it's not supposed to burn the eyes, but if you get a wash that's very gentle and has micro-beads in it, I'm pretty sure its going to burn. Glycolic acid will probably burn too. I guess you could just close your eyes when you wash.

You're dealing with bacteria on your face, so don't expect something that doesn't hurt your eyes to be very effective on that kind of bateria. In other words, use what works.
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Thanks Freddy. And it was a Dr. Oz episode on Oprah but I am sure they were just pushing the products they mentioned! Thanks alot, the biore? is still working out for you?,
Yup, still happy with it. I may change it up for the new year. Havent' decided yet.
Try to see if you can treat the cause of the problem and not just the effect. The adult acne is can be caused be different factors (i.e you are not detoxifing properly, hormonal imbalance, etc). This will help in long term, and will make your life easier. See a nutritionist or a naturopath as well, it can be very helpful!
That sounds like a good idea as well.

It might even be stress levels, if you find yourself stressed find ways to relax and you may find that to help your skin condition.
youa re absolutely right, stress is nowadays the major cause for loads and loads of conditions, including skin. Stress makes your hormones go crazy, as your adrenal glands are overworking and sending the wrong message to the brain! I love facials and external skin treatment, but does not always work, therefore, try feeding and looking from the inside (i.e what you eat, what you are exposed to internally) and you will definitely get the overall picture!!
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