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loose skin/puffiness under eyes

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Is there a difference between "loose skin" and "puffiness" under eyes and therefore, different ways to address the problem? What's really bothering me is I do not have wrinkles under my eyes until I smile (until I smile, the skin is completely smooth) and then this loose skin or whatever it is crinkles up with a wrinkle effect. Any thoughts? And any thoughts on treatment?
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When I get to the point where it starts to bother me, I plan to fork over the money to see a dermatologist (or PCP) & get a rx for renova, or retin-a, & be done with it.

I figure I will spend that much $$$ trying to find something otc that works well for me (or more).

I also plan to research "procedures" that can help & are as non-invasive as possible.
try to find a good eye cream.
One that works ??
Yes. Try anti-wrinkle eye cream with collagen.
The cranberry lift eye product at PSF skincare is awesome stuff. Super effective for firming and depuffing.
Do you know if the cranberry lift eye product works well for the sagging eyelids too?
The cranberry lift eye product at PSF skincare is awesome stuff. Super effective for firming and depuffing.
Can you tell me where i can buy it and how much it is.
Thanks in Advance.
I really want to try this cranberry eye lift product. I hate spending $50 though (with shipping) - that hurts. About how long would this last? Are there any other comparable products out there that work for tightening and firming the upper eyelid that won't cost so much?
The cranberry lift eye product at PSF skincare is awesome stuff. Super effective for firming and depuffing.
does it give immediate results or over time and do you have any wrinkles that you've seen go away?
I have this exact problem, crepey skin under my eyes but I also have fine lines at rest and of course when I smile. The only product that has made my under eye area smooth and relatively wrinkle free is Isomers Time Freeze. I even just recently stopped using it for a month to make sure this was the product that was making such a big difference. When I started to use it again within a week or so after applying this serum twice a day. my under eye area looks fabulous!! I will never go without this product again. I have never used any other product on my skin that has made such a big difference. I am 43 years old and I have alot of sun damage from using tanning beds for years. You can only grt Isomers Time Freeze from Every so often they have a buy one get one free but only when Isomers is on the shopping channel live. Isomers is a Canadian skin care company that is extremely science based. I've tried many of their other products and they are OK but the Time Freeze is amazing on my skin. Hope you find something that works as good for you.
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I'm using Extraderm Age Defy Wrinkle Correct Eye Cream with Age Block Bioactive and it only works within a few days of using but I don't see any more dramatic results afterwards...

I feel like I've been duped.
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This eye cream from Best Bath Store works better than anything else i've ever used and it's much cheaper than the stuff they sell at the mall. Been using it about a week now and saw results on day 4 - love it!

here's the link: Best Bath Store Eye Cream
Puffyness under the eyes is a sign of dehydration.
So make sure you drink enough water.
try MIOR spa facial bar. can see on net for testimonies
In my experience, puffiness occurs if I haven't slept well the night before, from drinking too much caffeine and alcohol and/or too little water. It can be reduced by placing thin slices of cool cucumbers on top of your eyes. Leave them on for 5 minutes. If you can endure it, fill a sink with ice cubes and cold water. Proceed to dip face in it several times. You should a significant reduction in the puffiness.

As far as loose skin, this is altogether another problem. Unfortunately, it has to do with aging. I don't know of any remedies except for an eye lift.
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